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  1. Pepperisit12

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Then screw the helmet... I'd like an exo-suit. (to avoid crushing!)
  2. Pepperisit12

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    I always assumed that you did have to have a helmet. Thought open top cars were only acceptable because they have roll cages (albeit usually too short for most people and if the car actually turns over you seatbelt will not hold you off the tarmac) EDIT: https://www.gov.uk/quad-bikes-the-rules Turns out I'm wrong. I guess it fall in the same vein as anyone on a bike/scooter wearing adidas plastic trousers that would melt with more than 2 ft of skid along the floor. Idiots.
  3. Pepperisit12

    Pics of your Gear

    You can always make me something
  4. Pepperisit12

    Pics of your Gear

    Heroshark, I didn't think your mask could get any more awesome... then it did. Good work
  5. Pepperisit12


    until you have a problem with an item. Then you are literally sending email's to a brick wall. That's my experience with them anyway (Had a mag turn up with a blocked open valve) they asked for photos, then video, then I was ignored until I started the process again. Same thing, photos, videos... nothing. After the third time I gave up, replaced the valve and moved on with my life! (Hopefully I'm just a one off, but I doubt it)
  6. Pepperisit12

    Xcortech X3300

    When you do get the inline mosfet working can you confirm for me whether there is any function to disable the fire controls when the countdown counter reaches 0. I don't think there is from what I saw on the above video that it does, but it seems a really useful function (for us non recoil users!)
  7. Pepperisit12

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

  8. Pepperisit12

    Remove the 100 post limit on sales threads

    Could there be a way to prove to moderators that you are a regular skirmisher, Ukara or proof from a site owner etc. And then be allowed straight into the classifieds. I am happy to wait until I have my 100 posts but as others have said above I use Zero:in to browse classifieds, have bought many items from there, but I just feel that almost every thread I have something to add to, someone else already has. Hence been on there for years and yet my post count is not much above 100.

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