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Found 7 results

  1. HamletV

    Revolver hop up

    Hi guys, I have the umarex ruger superhawk 6" and I want to make or buy a inner barrel with a hop up that works like the DW715 or something like that
  2. Here's my review of the ASG Dan Wesson 715 revolver. I have always been a fan of this revolver from DW sins I saw a friend of my grandfather shoot one ages ago. There was just something about it I liked so when I saw this online I just had to have it, I hesitated because I don't like the trademarks ASG put on their guns so I thought about waiting to see if any asian shops would have it without trades but a christmas sale came in the shop so I picked one up. From what I saw here in Norway, there are a few versions of these in different colors and caliber. You got the steel grey and silver in 4,5mm. steel grey in 6mm and silver in 6mm but the silver are "low power version" Buying: I bought it from a Norwegian airsoft shop with express shipping. It cost on sale about 1300 NOK, that's about 149$ without shipping. And this was on sale! But with almost no competition as one of very few and the most popular airsoft shop in Norway, they can charge almost what they want. Norwegians are afraid of ordering from around the world so not much competition there either The box: It's packed in styrofoam, just your typical ASG gun really, nothing special. First impression: The first I thought was that its really heavy, 1225g the box says and I believe that. It is also a "fingerprint magnet" . The Hogue like grips with DW logo are fantastic to, hold and really thin being a revolver. A 1911 are thicker and longer, I think the finger grooves helps it feel thinner than it is, the finger grooves also makes it really comfortable to hold, fits perfect in the hand. It runs on Co2 so as every airsoft revolver like this, the gas cartridge are stored in the grip. When removing the grip plate, they included a fold-in hex to tighten the gas cartridge and it works really well. It have a small and discreet safety behind/under the hammer. It got a unique serial number on the frame. It got two screw holes under the barrel for mounting a rail thingy, some shops say this comes with the gun but I cant say I see room for that in the box. Dan Wesson's 715 is known for having a easy change barrel system, this doesn't work on the airsoft of course but it looks just like the RS, a nice little touch. Another nice touch is that the cylinder lock is moved, it's still on the left side but its moved from behind the cylinder to in front of the cylinder, takes some to get used to, I still reach for it in the wrong place. Also, the cylinder rotates with the clock, not anticlockwise like other revolvers. Trademarks: It comes with some trademarks, Dan Wesson on each side of the barrel, .357 Magnum on the right side of the barrel and your typical ASG logo and Cal.6mm BB Made in Taiwan on the right side of the frame Shooting the thing: Well this is a beast, it clocked in at about 450 fps so its really hot, I would go for the low power version if this is to be used in games. If you already got a DW revolver from ASG, the shells and speedloader is the same and works with this. So the sales point with this is that it's the first airsoft revolver with hop-up. I have only gotten to shoot it indoors so far but it works really great, there is a small hole for a small hex pn top of the barrel. (Sorry I forgot to get a picture of this) The trigger pull in double action is like your typical revolver, the trigger pull in single action is really light and there's no travel for the trigger at all. I will update here after I used it some more but so far I really like it and have to say it may be one of the nicest revolvers in my collection. Heavy, loud, powerful and with a fantastic grip. Not sure where to buy this in other countries yet but I guess it will show up in online stores soon. Edit: sorry about the blurry pictures, they get so blown up when uploaded..
  3. Thought I do a short review/ overview of my Marushin Constrictor gas revolver. I bought this gun at a Norwegian airsoft shop and felt I paid way to much but I didn't find it in stock at any asian shops and it was kinda an impulse buy cause I just wanted something shiny, and shiny it was! Taking it out of the box, the first thing you notice is its weight, it's close to 1,2 kg without the shells and it's big, I mean very big. I was surprised at the weight knowing it's from Marushin and probably made of plastic but the internals, hammer, trigger and things that needs to be metal is metal. The middle part where the barrel sits are plastic but the top and bottom part of the barrel are also metal, the cylinder, main body and grips are plastic. This is the X-cartridge, 6mm version, the shells are also big and heavy, they are almost another 210g to this gun with all 6 inserted. It also sports some trademarks, given it's built on the Marushin Colt Anaconda, Colt were cool enough to let this be licensed even tho, from what I can find, isn't a real revolver. It have the horse on the left side and Colt emblem on each side of the grip. It also have the Marushin trades. Final thoughts: I have yet to try it, I ran out of green gas the previous day and forgot to order more when getting this. Is this skirmishable? I would say no, the size of this makes it more a collectors item, finding a holster for this would be pretty hard to I imagine. It is a fantastic fingerprint magnet. When dry fire it right out of the box, it had some problems rotating the cylinder but works 100% after a while, the double-action had to be used a couple of times, no problems in single-action. Was it worth the money? I bought is just for my collection and have no plans using it in battle, but just from the badass feeling you get from handling it and the sheer look of it, absolutely.
  4. Introduction As a brief historical brush up to the replica, the S&W Model 19 aka Combat Magnum came into service in the late 50s and remained a staple sidearm for law enforcement around the world for decades. Even though its popularity has waned since the dawn of the Wonder Nines, many police officers both retired and still in service continue to use them as a backup weapon and has recently had a resurgence for their collectible value. Tokyo Marui first made their Model 19 replicas some time in the early 2000s where they were shortly discontinued for what I believe were licensing issues. In 2012 they reintroduced the gun together with the stainless Model 66 variant, fully licensed and both sporting the upgrades that their Colt Python had previously undergone mostly with the hop up. It is a gas operated, non blowback, double action/single action revolver holding 24 bbs with a fixed hop up. They are available in three barrel lengths (2.5", 4", and 6") each with different grips for both finishes. Inside the box First Impression The first thing you'll notice in picking up this replica, other than the beautiful velvet lined box is how light it is. It tips the scale at 550g but as most of the weight is in the grip it feels a lot lighter than it is. Many will see this as a big turn off as revolvers usually have the impression of something large and clunky, but the Model 19 is a very slim gun, almost sexy even so the light weight sort of fits the character. It's designed as service .357 magnum after all and not something to take down large, dangerous game. While light, it is solidly built with no creaking parts or the slightest bit of flex on the barrel. One particular thing to note is that in direct sunlight it has somewhat of a greenish tinge, like parkerized 1911s but not. I don't know if it's just the high gloss reflecting against the trees around, but in the shade, indoors or when it's cloudy it starts to take on the deep black gloss as they appear in photographs. Technical Information It is a replica of early production Model 19s with a non pinned barrel and square butt. The cylinder is faithfully replicated to lock in two places: in front of the ejector rod and at the back of the cylinder. This however makes it rather stiff to close the cylinder, requiring practice and is advised that you push against the cylinder arm when you do. Mostly made of ABS plastic, the metal parts include the trigger and hammer assemblies, cylinder swing arm, cylinder ratchet, bolt, hand, locking latches, ejector rod, and rear sight assembly. As mentioned earlier it takes 24 rounds. The cartridges at the back are non removable where each chamber, loaded from the front holds 4 bbs. Upon firing, the gas router on the frame pushes the dummy cartridges which both pushes the front most bb into the barrel and locks the remaining bbs behind it in place. The downside to this is that it's low powered from all the bottle necks in the gas system doing about 210-240fps using green gas and .20g bbs depending on barrel length. This also makes for a fairly stiff trigger pull in double action as your finger is doing more than just pulling the hammer and rotating the cylinder. The odd bit too is that in single action, the trigger pull is made only slightly less heavy as the gas router is only partly pushed forward. You still need to push forward the rest of the way but makes for a less jerky and more accurate motion. The grip frame has a deeply serrated back strap and the replica Hogue grips fit extremely well in the hands. They are also made of ABS but with a rubberized outer layer like TMs VSR-10. It features a fixed ramp front sight with a bright red insert and fully adjustable, high blade rear sight with a white outline. A particular thing to note, and one which I only discovered after disassembling the gun is that it has a lot of metallic reinforcements inside. The hammer and trigger group sits in a metal inner frame much like Tanaka revolvers. There is a metal bar serving as a spine running from most the barrel to the frame. The gas router is a separate copper tube. Against dark targets the red insert and white outline pops out. On light targets the white outline disappears leaving a crisp front post. Performance To be honest it was sort of malfunctioning when I got it. I pumped it full of propane only to find out that the slightly higher pressure (and temperature), combined with a relatively soft valve o-ring had made double action inoperable. Only the slightly increased inertia of single action could fully open the valve and make it shoot normally. I then switched to commercial green gas, some 15psi lower and it worked perfectly fine afterwards. It chronos at an average of 220fps but really likes .25g and .30g ammo as it's able to go up to .75J (equivalent to 280fps with .20g bbs) which makes hits more effectively felt despite the slow velocity. The hop is only tuned to .20-.25g though making bbs fly flat a good 20m before dipping. On .30g they start to go down after 15m, but I was still able to make good clean kills up to 20m with only a little bit of hold over. For accuracy testing I shot benched groups at 10m. I was also using .30g bbs and green gas. On single action it sent 6-shot strings consistently into a 3" circle with the best group measuring 2". Point of impact is right around the center of the red insert of the front sight making it behave like a red dot of sorts. On double action, because of the jerky motion of pushing bbs out of the cylinder's bb packings, the groups veer slightly to the right (left if you're shooting left handed) just about at the edge of the front sight. Best groups are also slightly enlarged to 3". I didn't do a formal test on gas capacity, but from paced single action shooting to more rapid double action and even a few rounds of fast, standing shots it was doing over 50 full powered rounds all in one fill. It still has gas left, but I stopped to bother counting as that's well over the amount I'd be bothered to reload mid game. I'll make a proper test in the future though and put it in here along with whatever development may arise. Width comparison against a KJW P226 Length comparison against... a S&W .500 Conclusion Despite the low velocity and light weight, I couldn't recommend this revolver any higher. If the weight issue bothers you that much you could swap out the internal weights with lead and there are a few crevices left still to cram in even more material to weigh it down. For power, as said above using heavy bbs takes good advantage of Joule creep putting it at par with most full sized TM GBBs. You also have the option of using power up shells which replace the 24-shot system with removable individual cartridges that both increases weight and muzzle output having gotten rid of the gas bottle necks. It costs around mid range, looks pretty damn good, shoots straight and plenty reliable with the amount of plastic it can dish out. It's also perfectly sized, right in the Goldilocks zone I'd say. Scoring high points in skirmish practicality, it come out well deserving of the Combat Magnum moniker and the Tokyo Marui brand name.
  5. WhatAreYouBuyen

    HFC Revolver Chrome

    This is the HFC Revolver by WhatAreYouBuyen http://www.youtube.com/whatareyoubuyen

    © © WhatAreYouBuyen 2013

  6. Mike_West

    HFC M10

    From the album: Mike West's Toybox

    A HFC S&W M10, for those times when I just need a fairly modern (and that's covering a period from the Roaring Twenties to now and maybe even into the future) revolver.
  7. My habits... well, they die hard. Once I get used to a certain webshop, I stick around. I don't mind the negative comments, I may drop a couple myself (but at least they're not as vitriolic), let's just say that with long-time service I get used to what those folks do and how to fix things if they go South. But sometimes, my usual suppliers simply don't have what I need (especially when it's some rare or odd item) and I have to take the plunge. For instance, my Tanaka SAA. I planned to get it from EHobbyAsia, but then some things went hairy and I had to find a shop where it wasn't out of stock yet. Enter TMC (Tokyo Model Co.) - a company I haven't dealt with before, some Engrish here and there, confusing layout, all the signs pointing to "it's not gonna be easy". Of course "buyers' opinions" ain't worth *suitcase* these times as every used car salesman can prop up an army of strawmen and crank out enough BS to make him look like the next best thing since powdered milk and it takes a bit of skill to filter out the buzz, but as long as you don't find tens of reasonably worded warnings (with the stress on "reasonably worded") you can at least expect that what you ordered will arrive and most probably in one piece. So there I went with TMC - and on their part, everything went smooth. The only problem was the local postal service, who screwed up even worse than usual. But that wasn't the first time I had to jump through hoops to get what I wanted. Earlier, I wanted an USP Tactical, and the only one was the KJW, out of stock almost everywhere. I found it at Sun Arms Airsoft (which, BTW, looks like they sold out all of their replicas and deal exclusively in gear now), made sure that it was in stock and a week and a half later I had it. And it still works! Now it's the third time for me to get a gun from a shop I don't know. I pondered a couple of possibilities (I basically wanted something cool, but not necessarily practical): first, the Well MP5K GBB, but a) it's out of stock everywhere and VFC plans to make something more solid than the old and not-so-reliable Maruzen design; second, the Well M11 GBB, but a) it's out of stock almost everywhere and I had a HFC M11 before and I know how those things behave in the presence of dust. KWC P99 was almost a contender, but I decided that one futuristic-looking pistol is enough and I don't plan any Cyberpunk photoshoots anytime soon. And then, as I was listening to the Magnum Force theme, it hit me: maybe a S&W M29? Tanaka makes great revolvers, no doubt about it, but I finally thought that all in all, if I want a wheelgun, I could grab something more "practical" instead. And then I revived my plans of getting a silver Wingun 703, or "that eight-incher cow-buster in pimp chrome looking like the goddamn Ambadassor from Team Fortress 2". Now all I need is the December paycheck with Christmas bonus - keep your fingers crossed.

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