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  1. thanks! Collecting and reviewing and selling and upgrading lol What do you do man? Also thread relevant: idk if this counts as gear but here's my picture of some guns
  2. Umbrella Armory by WhatAreyouBuyen http://www.youtube.com/whatareyoubuyen

    © © WhatAreyouBuyen 2013

  3. This is the HFC Revolver by WhatAreYouBuyen http://www.youtube.com/whatareyoubuyen

    © © WhatAreYouBuyen 2013

  4. WhatAreYouBuyen

    Magpul PDR

    A picture of the magpul PDR C from WhatArrYouBuyen. Feel free to re-post this image on other websites, blog, ect.

    © © WhatAreYouBuyen 2013

  5. idk if I'm allowed to post videos to this thread but here's our video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RWztSowcs
  6. Here's my video review of the WE M14 if you guys are interested? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHwr10AZoCU&list=SPqIYZfsuWaDiQs3AdZHhC71kQyy4_Rwtr&index=14 Please dont post any hate! If you dont like my review thats fine but everything I posted in here is my own opinion! Thanks for your support! I love these forums!!!
  7. All the Umbrella base shirts are a snow, grey style. With black vests on top.
  8. Not my personal gun room, but I did take these pictures of my friends gun room!
  9. Pictures if the HFC Revolver I took for the website! sneak peek at it's private parts These images are supposed to help our fans visualize and "feel" the gun as best they can. Let me know if my images are successful or what needs improvement! Thanks!
  10. Took this picture in autumn. WE M14 GBB
  11. dide some HDR on this one This one I played with colored lighting This one was messing with lighting gradients in general
  12. Matrix M500 , a screen shot from our upcoming video review! Honestly dont like this gun because its very cheaply made! But it is a beauty!
  13. These are some M14 pictures I took for the website! Image source: http://whatareyoubuyen.com/airsoft/we-m14/ I hope you guys like my photography!!! Let me know what you think? Thanks!
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