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"Hi, Arnies' Airsoft... I'm Dan."


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"Hello I'm new here"


Been stalking the forums for about a week now, absorbing knowledge like a sponge.


I'm new to airsoft, as in: not skirmished, not bought any kit, don't know anyone who

does it. Other than reading these forums (and the links people have recommended),

and watching "keyword: airsoft" on youtube, I have no personal experience.


I'm 18, got some spare cash and interested in getting to a skirmish to rent some kit

and try it out.


What I'm really looking for is people who skirmish at a site near Manchester.


Thank you and peace out,


Dan (Hmm... AEG huh...)

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Hey, firstly wlecome to the foryms, and can i just say well done for coming to the forums and not making your first topic "wat am best gun".


Now if your looking for sites and skirmishers around Manchester, maybe you could visit the manc-as forum at www.manc-as.co.uk they're all located in the Manchester area. Secondly dont buy anything before you've tried it out, you might buy a gun because it looks good, then go skirmsihing and find its totally impractical for you to use, so go to a skirmish and have a touchy-feely of some gear.

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Welcome to arnies my friend, the one stop shop for all your airsoft questions.


Remember to visit the review database for any questions about guns. If it's not there search and if you still can't find it make a topic, remember we're always willing to help. And also visit the gear section for help with any gear, if it's comfortable, where you can get it etc.

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Hi samuel, and thanks for that advice MP5man. I've actually been on the

manc-as forum before, found the Arnies' forums to be a lot more helpful



I totally agree with you to try before I buy, MP5... Very much want to see

kit first hand. That said, I'm currently looking at buying a GBB or AEP, just

for plinking in my home, and CQB in the near future.


I've been air-rifling since I was "that-high", doing target shooting and "pest-removal" for a long time now.


To judge myself I'd say my attraction to airsoft stems from my love of

first-person-shooters, specifically tactical, realistic types... I'm sure many

people on here feel the same.




P.S. to Munitions: Yes, have indeed read a lot of the reviews now, as far as kit goes I'll probably buy British military surplus (Telling myself to Keep It Simple, Stupid and all that)

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LOL, it nevers happens mate. Once you've started the addiction only gets stronger and feeds more off your wallet. I started off saying i'd buy one gun a cheap vest and Brit DPM's now i've got 4 guns, dpm's but spent £85 on one vest.


Good luck though.


Cheers Sean

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MP5: "started the addiction", that bad huh? Ahh *fruitcage*...


Not sure if my current stock of ghettoflage in my wardrobe would be that suitable for

airsofting, mind. A tactical vest is something I definately need, I think even on top of

civvy clothes, I'd look the part. And goggles, face-protection... I think its all to come.

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Welcome to the forums.


And may I say, that has to be the best first post I've read so far, friendly, informative, and a good speller. You my friend will do well here :D




Incidentally, the "started the addiction" stuff is that bad, very bad, I'm a student, without a job, and until not long ago I owned 2 pistols, each cost around 1000 dollars to build.



Welcome to the Airsoft Suck :P

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Thanks for the welcome gov'ners. Though I have one question; since I

couldn't find the term on the airsoft glossary, what exactly is a geardo? I'm

guessing its a portmanteau of gear and weirdo, and that they're gear

obsessed, am I right?


You are correct. Personally, they scare me. ;) But to each his own.


Welcome to Arnies, you'll be in for a treat.


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I do hiking, mountaineering and camping. It doesn't take a genius to guess I've got a

lot of suitable clothing in my wardobe for airsofting. I'm told my fashion sense is

reminiscent of the "special forces and PMC look" anyway... Don't laugh.


Looking at getting some tactical gear and webbing now...




Dan (Hmm... PLCE, MULES, Assault vests... hoho)

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welcome :)


did you say you were planing to get a GBB or an AEP for plinking and maybe CQB??


make sure you read lots of reviews before getting one (obviously) basically AEP's are more practical and less fun to shoot (no recoil or cool noises) but youll probably be able to get a good number of "kills" with a GBB too and they are loooads more fun to shoot, so personally id recommend a GBB ;)



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I did indeed Alastair. As far as models go, my two "favourite" pistols are

the HK USP Tactical .45 cal or the Sig Sauer P226 9mm... I feel an AEP

would be easier to use and maintain, but a GBB would be more realistic

(there's always advantages and disadvantages ofcourse)... Off to the

review section methinks.





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