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  1. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=110159
  2. Don't Shoot N Scoot make those?
  3. Why would you want an airsoft nail gun?
  4. Strange! Its not bothering me that its marking it as spam because the one thats marked as spam is a duplicate anyway. Ah well, its not doing any harm! Thanks Arn.
  5. Not really a big thing but when I get sent a PM I get an email telling me this, as always. But, since this morning I get the one I always get, plus another identical one that comes marked as SPAM. Just wondering whats up with this?
  6. £30 plus shipping. Still makes the £55 cheaper, espicaily for me as I could just nip down to airsoft mart and pick one up. But im still not convinced its worth £55 for the giggle factor
  7. There is nothing stopping you browsing all of them. It really wont take any longer to browse 2 pages in 5 sections than to browse 10 pages in 1 section will it?
  8. Vast imporvement. Takes much less time to find what you are looking for now. Nice one Arnie, thanks loads for this. Sam
  9. Blackdragon Airsoft's site isnt there anymore
  10. Oh yeah! Just noticed that! Not realy a bad thing though is it? One thing I have noticed though is when I get topic replies i get one for almost every single reply now, im getting about 50 emails a day now! Sam
  11. Working fine for me, although im using outlook express, not web based email. Sam
  12. Much much faster now! Now that I can get in that is! Great job, Thanks Arnie!
  13. The version of the gearbox has no relevance on the version of the gun. It is simply the style of gearbox used in the gun. All MP5's will have the same style of gearbox other than the MP5K which uses one with a slightly different top to the shell so as to accomodate the battery above the gearbox. Personally, I love the ICS mp5 series. Buying from Z1 should get you a V3 gun but you will be best off giving them a ring to confirm it. Which type of MP5 are you going for? Sam
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