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  1. I used to have a setup like that, incredibly fun.
  2. Yes I believe it's 14mm CCW. And I'll re-upload the pictures once I find where they are.
  3. Just an update. Gun is still working fine though the selector switch fell off. Luckily I have a broken CA G36. My advice is to make sure the switches on each side are as secure as possible. There's a little screw on the side of each. Make sure it's as tight as possible. Or else it'll fall off eventually and ruin your day.
  4. Ah yes. As usual a great in depth review from Guinness. Great job! Man I really need to get this luger, I've always loved Lugers but didn't want to shell out the cash for the Tanaka. This is great news!
  5. Great report as usual. Man I hope I can go to one of those shows one day.
  6. Hey where would you guys suggest getting knives online. I can't find any places in Hawaii that have a good selection. I'm trying to find a SOG seal team elite or an Ontario Marine Raider Bowie. Also does anyone know of any other good bowie knives with partially serrated blades?
  7. I read it again, the whole thing! ALL OF IT THIS TIME! EVERY PIXEL IN EVERY LETTER! Good stuff Interesting, I'm probably going to get one. Just need some Japanese gear.
  8. Great reveiw, always wanted a Type 89. So compared to the Marui you would say it's quite good? Would I need to work any with the gearbox? Because Although the Chinese clones have gotten quite good they still, from my experiences, have lots of internal trouble.
  9. Ahh, yet another wonderful review from Guiness. Interesting gun. Too bad it's shell ejecting, I was hoping for a good Kar98k to add to my arsenal for skirmishing, always wanted a nice WWII rifle for cheap.
  10. Best shotgun ever! Just plain amazing.
  11. So from your great review Guiness I'll take this as gun = awesomesauce yes?
  12. Oh yeah I remember that stuff, great lookin loadout, it'd be perfect for hawaii!
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