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  1. Just managed to pick one of these up from Air-lab, they had them in stock for a few hours Monday and Tuesday, arrived today, great service, shall be fitted over the weekend into a high speed G&P set up.
  2. The PX Airsoft one IS NOT the same as the OP's one. The one PX stock is different, the mounting hardware is different in appearance, the torch lens is also difference (plain glass compared to have the centre part frosted). Biggest downside is no strobe
  3. Nice set-up blarock! Just a quick one, was the Go Pro on the widest field of view setting? It seems theres a bit more fisheye effect than when I used mine on a medium field of view at 1080p. CK, I have the same TMC AirFrame and also mount the GoPro2 off the NVG mount, when the straps are adjusted properly it is a bit front heavy but doesn't slide forward. I only have a V-lite and callsign patch on the back of my lid as well.
  4. I'm just about learning to do stuff on the motorbike, the car I will run into the ground before upgrading once I start work.
  5. Whilst I appreciate that's cheap for a clutch, considering the amount I pay for insurance comapred to what I bring home and other outgoings is a fair whack.
  6. On a similar motoring related quote, my first car of 3 years decided to kill its clutch today....at a roundabout joining a motorway....luckily i managed to go around rather than join the motorway stuck in third and cruise home. Now to find the £180 to get it fixed amongst other bills/STANTA weekender and holidays. Stupid piece of *suitcase*.
  7. Problem with SWAT is that all the staff have other day jobs, at the airsoft/paintball/retail side of the business is run in the spare time. Hence it's not their main source of income, so less time is devoted to the business than there should be. In regards to the communication with the owner, in my experience it's always been a case of "My way or the highway" with him.
  8. Today was a happy day, I had my first visit to sign on at the jobcentre (which made me smile due to an actually decent personal advisor who recommended jobs for me to avoid) and then came home to find I've been given a start date for a job I interviewed for three weeks ago. First job, for a big company and no more visits to the jobcentre. And my Airframe and Source hydration bladder shipped. Win.
  9. I forgot to add that I had to go into the Job Centre and sign on, despite me being on the road to a job already, it was depressing seeing some of the people in there, not to mention knowing that when I do start working many of those in their will be spending the money on more alcohol and cigarettes!
  10. Got my final uni grade through, achieving a 2.1 despite having below 50% attendance, writing my 10k word dissertation in 4 days and submitting two essays late due to being in Dubai.
  11. *fruitcage* you G&P and your magical barrel nut binding abilities!! There was me thinking an RIS change would be quick!

  12. I hate English weather, even in China it was sunny and warm (though choking to death on pollution isn't nice) and Dubai was bordering on too hot but I survived that, now I'm back in the UK and I've picked up a cold in the space of 48 hours!
  13. Some of me from Op Wildcat, at Catterick this weekend.
  14. home from Op Wildcat, brilliant time, brilliant team now to edit photos and video!

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