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w/a sv 3.9 barrel same as wilson compact?


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how do u know? have u compared the two side by side???


i wasnt sure if the sv 3.9 is the same size as the ultra compact v10/colt defender or if its the same size as the comander/wilson professional/supergrade lenght.



for a while i thought the sv 4.3 barrel was the same size as the wilson combat professional but it so hard to tell from pix.....

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SVI 3.9 falls in the Commander length 45s. . same as the Wilson Pro, SDS and TSGC


SVI 4.3 is considered a Commader Plus. . .own category. . I think there's only one real steel Wilson that has the same length barrel. Wilson Carry Comp.. has a barrel of 4.5"


The Defender has the shortest barrel of 3". .this is comparable to the Kimber Ultra series of 1911s..however, Kimber barrels are only available as a one-piece barrel that comes with the Prime full metal kits. . Guarder makes just the cone barrel for the Defender.


The Officer and V10 share a 3.5" barrel

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