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CYMA .031 AK-74 Assault Rifle Review

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Cyma .031 AK-74 Assault Rifle Full Photo Review

By Nick AKA The Merchant of Venice


Image courtesy of www.airsoftgi.com Rehosted by me.

Table of Contents

-First Impressions
-Real Steel History
-Appearance/Feel/Build Quality
-Accessories and Modifications
-Pros & Cons
-The Final Word

First Impressions

I got this gun for my birthday from my parents. Which means my mom had ordered it MUCH earlier. So I can say this. I was VERY dissapointed when I saw the box said "CyberGun AK-74". My heart dropped-my mom ordered the re branded UTG AK-74! I was mad. However the box was VERY well designed, with a picture of Mikhail Kalashnikov on the box. It also featured a brief history of the AK-74 and a guide on how to load your high-cap and how to arm the gun. When I opened it, I found no second high capacity magazine. Other than that, it was a pretty good gun!

Real Steel History

I don't think this is truly nessecary, but who cares.


Image courtesy of world.guns.ru. Rehosted by me.

The AK-74 was commissioned and adopted in 1974 by the Russian Government. Other than the obvious differences (5.45 MM ammunition), Muzzle Brake, and magazines, its an AKM redesigned. The version I chose included black furniture. I would have chosen the AK-47 Model (CM.028) but I was told by a certain forum member at ASF (which was a while ago) *cough* Dragon M. *cough* that it would be better.

Appearance/Feel/Build Quality

The gun is SOLID. No creaks, no wobbles. The black plastic stock however DOES wobble if you don't tighten the screws. I recommend physically re-tightening every single screw on the externals, as the people who made mine (and probably others) didn't do a good job. There are visible seams on the stock and fore grip, along with the hand grip. I found while wielding it, the knuckle of my thumb would be scratched by the buttstock-this may be because of me. I placed tape there which solved the problem, but I removed it. The orange tip at the end of the muzzle brake, required by United States law to ship, is a red-orange color and is very short. Known metal parts include:
-Flash Hider/Muzzle Brake
-Gas tube
-Front Sight
-Flip-up sights
-Reciever Cover
-Both sling mounts
-Trigger guard thing
-Magazine release
-Selector Switch

I found a problem! When you take off the reciever cover (done by pressing the metal button at the back of it) the plastic piece wobbles and can easily be pulled off. I secured it with electrical tape.


I could see when the plastic part of the opened reciever, the gearbox IS metal. I couldn't see inside, however.


The gun shoots hard, far, and is very accurate. The hop-up is decent as I barely miss and the wind barely takes my BBs.

The gun has a decent ROF. The high-caps it comes with SUCK. DO NOT USE THEM! They never feed! The "sewing machine" sound is actually pretty good.

Accessories & Modifications
I haven't installed any yet, but heres a list:
-Wood kit
-Metal Body
-Flash hiders
-Rail mounts (EW, sorry, AK purist kicking in)
-Scopes (You better use Russian ones!)
-Any and all internal upgrades

Pros & Cons

-Decent quality externals
-High metal content
-Good power
-Good ROF
-Good range
-Good hop-up
-Realistic weight

-High caps they came with SUCK.
-Visible seams
-I had a problem with the charger, I sent it back (being a newb).
-Received a second high-cap after I sent it back, 5-6 days after I received it again!
-It came in a CyberGun box.

I ordered it from Kapowwe. Don't order from Kapowwe, save yourself the trouble. I got a free 6k bio BBs, though!

The Final Word

Want an AK? Want a good one? Buy this! Please buy from Airsoft GI or somewhere else, though. Sorry to throw on the bad rep, Kapowwe.

~Written by Nick *The Merchant of Venice*. I have written it and take ALL rights other than the stated ones.

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another cons:

- the flash hider thread is so easily to break.

- the chamber is not TM-hop up compatible. So, if upgrading the hop up and barrel, new ones of BOTH need to be bought.

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