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  1. Anyone who wants a TM M733...$200 shipped...acessories available.

  2. Here's some pics from OP: Eastern Dagger. Kitlist: Ballcap, Shooting glasses, comms, BHI Omega vest w/ TT utility pouch. Belt w/ TT Radio pouch and large dump pouch (borrowed, in a few pics) Jeans, boots, gloves, M733 and P229.
  3. For all the JLS FN2K owners, how are they? I really want a FN2K, but I'm not sure how much the G&G one will be (if it's over $300 it's a no-go for me, unless I can grab one used which I doubt) How bad are they (externally and internally) because I hear they suck. And to those waiting for the G&G FN2000, any idea on price/release date?
  4. Loading up the siiick KWA G36C I borrowed from Dark Energy. At the respawn, after getting lit up. Being the radioman, best job ever. Reload? Wedgie? I don't even remember. BOOM! I love my stupid grin. HEADSHOT!
  5. Under the coat. I have a holster and a rig for the P90 pouches. None of the pics I took showing that were any good.
  6. My poor attempt at taking good pictures, from my Fuji S1000D.
  7. Haven't had it officially tested yet, but I'm feeling 23-27 RPS on a full charge.
  8. CA P90 RDS with a lot of internal upgrades.
  9. Ghost, is that you? Almost spot on mate. Nice kit.
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