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  1. is back and out for.. what else.. revenge

  2. So that's what SCARs would like like 30+ years from now.. lol.
  3. Now it does... but only in civilian mode. Revenge Seeker's update on his WE SCAR which be bought in the first week it was released: NOTHING. Replacement stock piece is still sitting there waiting to be needed and used.. Been thru alot of abuse so far.
  4. Now all I need is that new VFC peq box and I'll be a happy camper. --------- edit: BTW is there a way to hid all that extra wire instead of just wrapping it around the light?
  5. Yea how was that even possible? It left me dumbfounded. Hahah..
  6. I found this vid of a close-up of the Civi-SCAR. Alot of the details are really different on the WE SCAR. Like how the front sights flip and the lacking of that little flip thing in the rear sights. I just thought that was interesting.
  7. Agreed. Was that during a real game or were you just messing around with your friends? I still like your gun.
  8. Personally I think the rail is one of the main plus in my Desert Warrior. After all it is "tactical"..
  9. I chrono'd mines at an average of 460 fps with 0.20g bbs the other day. Green Gas.
  10. Yep. They only had that size in black so I just repainted it with krylon. I guess I should have used a darker shade.
  11. My WE SCAR has a little brother now.
  12. I've fired many times more than that... and no damage yet. During the first 3 days I thought I saw cracking but it hasn't gotten worse since. I still have the new replacement.. haven't been used yet and is just sitting there on the side just in case... But I never use c02... just GG.
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