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The News Section (ArniesAirsoft Front page)..

Choose as many options as apply:  

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  1. 1. What would you like to see more of on the news page?

    • More of the same (new releases, new events, etc)
    • More local news for my region (if you choose this, please give your region!)
    • Reviews of products / sites / events (please say which!)
    • Forum / Arnies-Specific Community news
    • Something Marlowe hasn't thought of (please say what)!

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Okay guys (and guyettes), I'm throwing open this deadly serious poll open to you all. :)


Hopefully you all enjoy using Arnies, and find it a fun / informative place to visit on the web, but that doesn't mean we can't try and improve the experience for everyone.


One of the areas which I feel we could probably develop the website is in regards to its news section. At present a small team of dedicated volunteers work hard to bring you whatever relevant news we can get our hands on. I can't help but feeling, however, that we could improve it...


...That's where you fine people come in. Is there anything we can do here to improve the news section for you? Is it fine? Either feel free to add your comments to the poll (choose as many answers as you wish), and if you wish to, add more information here. We'll seriously consider all views - as long as they're not too bizarre or abusive! :D




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More new release exclusives (that said, the staff and FarEast in particular have been doing great work in bringing Arnies back to its former glory), with perhaps more visits to some of the more interesting retailers (like this article). Also, perhaps even interviews of key players in the airsoft industry (ala Tanio Koba's corner) although that is a big ask.


Not much to improve on overall tbh, just needs a bit more content, updated more often :P


*ninja grammar edit*

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Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ironwolf. It's always great to hear from the old regulars to see what you think of the place these days.


Hopefully we'll get more news editors involved (if people are interested), but main problem lies in the fact that at the moment we're quite limited in the news we have access to. Beyond the hard work that a small number like Fareast put in, with making industrial contacts, etc, we are dependant on news which is submitted to us by individuals / retailers / manufacturers. This means sadly that quite a lot of the news currently is very 'corporate'. This is not a bad thing as it's thanks to the cooperation of industrial contacts that we can have news of new products, etc, but it would be nice to get more varied news footage up. :)

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Although I'm a newcomer to Arnies I've been playing for 5 years; one thing I think is the downfall of a lot of forums is the lack of community based events. I realise this is difficult when your user base is national but it would be nice to see something that draws posters out of the team and site forums.


I often look wistfully at the events news on the front page but have never been able to attend, some reviews and different opinions on them would be great.


Otherwise, brilliant standards as always. Cheers admin guys!

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We did have the Arniegeddon series of events over a few years, but sadly these recently faltered and died. Other community events do occur (such as Morning After), but these are invite-only events based for regulars.


If anyone wished to run community events for the forums, we'd be more than happy to give whatever support we could (publicity, a dedicated forum section, turning up, etc).

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We'd certainly be happy to feature project reviews. These would most likely need to be reader-submitted however, as it's a bit hard to buy airsoft equipment on a weekly basis when your 'publication' doesn't pay you to write the reviews! :D


The retailer news generally will continue to be updated for the forseeable future, as it forms a bulk of the 'news' submitted to the website.

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