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  1. Unfortuantly not as original as it was when I first started thinking about doing it; Dboys (so said the vendor) replica ARMS 41-B front sight. G&P Aimpoint on a G&P Wilcox mount. Star rear sight (replica ARMS 40-L sight), since broke but was previously damaged, replacement on order. Magpul stock tube and MOE Stock. Magpul MIAD grips. Magpul MOE handguards. Magpul rear sling adapter. Dboys body. King arms 14.5 inch length M4 outer barrel with G&P barrel nut. Dboys 7mm gearbox (needs FPS lowering, shooting a bit high at the mo). I believe it's a 6.02 pr
  2. It would be good if site owners could be more active, and promoting the sport and their sites. And more reviews of sites themselves by players.
  3. According to a colleague of mine Signals were still using SLRs in the 2nd gulf war (1990-91), so you dont have to go back as far as the falklands.
  4. I bought a TM MP7 battery but it wouldnt fit until I cut off the plastic "cone" on the front muzzle piece, obviously the TM battery is longer than the galaxy battery. I also have some STAR 50 rounders which do not feed properly, they do feed but eratically. Though TBH even with the galaxy 50 rounder mag the range was far from perfect (far less than any pistol I've shot), I don't know if range can be improved easily? Will have to get around to disasssembling it and taking a look. Compared to the well MP7 I'd say my galaxy is worse, the Well apparently feeds from STAR mags (the person who
  5. Well that image has already been ID'ed, but a Tavor doesn't have an integrated scope / handle and the forward grip is more angular and straight, also looks shorter than a SAR-21. SAR's look more like an AUG. Tavor SAR-21
  6. It's in the magwel, specifically a small lever to the rear. Semi auto has now completely siezed up (and blew the fuse) so I guess I will be converting the AEG to a more traditional 16 sector type. Any point in replacing the piston as well as the sector gear? Also the hook that catches onto the fake bolt has gone missing so blow back disabled by default.
  7. Take off the handgrip and look at the gas block (front mount), there's two hex screws, one on each side, tighten these and use some threadlock. Mine was like that when it arrived but it's easy to fix. Semi auto, no idea how to fix :|
  8. Not really, the manual just says 'Malfunction of semi auto-operation" Deviation in gear timing - "set firing mode to semi auto after firing 5-10 BBs then set to semi auto mode". Which just suggests it's a possibility that it may happen. It doesnt say "Semi-automatic unreliable to the point of being unusuable", there's no mention on page 4 "Firing mode and safety". Given the rifle has a semi auto mode, and that semi auto mode (at least in my rifle) is not usuable for more than 10 shots at best before having to goto automatic and firing off a burst that is a fault, not a "feature" (Thi
  9. Has the semi auto problem been solved yet?
  10. Fitted a RDS to mine, but it's too low down against the body and wasn't comfortable to use, an aimpoint on a high mount would most probably work better.
  11. Does anyone know how to remove the rail? there's 3 screws, the one above the hopup mech is easy to get to once the mech is removed but the other two are above the barrel and I couldn't see how to remove the barrel. I really would like to put a 4x scope on this , preferably the SUSAT. Took it skirmishing yesterday, unfortuantly some of the games (the first one and 2nd to last) were semi auto which counted the R85 out as semi doesn't work well, few shots then the action freezes, someone at the site said it may be the anti reversal latch. I also found moving it rather difficult to position o
  12. Out of interest, can the star dovetail rail and gas block be fitted onto a G&G/Army L85A1? If so can they be bought seperately? Army Code do a rail, not in stock at UNCompany though. http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=7606
  13. Couldnt edit my post, redwolf airsoft describe the G&G rail as 19.5mm not 20 (or 19).
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