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    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Halal is pretty strong driver in certain areas of the country, noticeable % upswing in sales .. in the weakest stores. That said, they were only put in place when there was a non-halal store within a mile or two. Don't see why halal would change the chicken (it was already mostly halal and sourced from Thailand) Only thing that I am aware would have changed really would be dropping any pig related product. KFC has two ways of making gravy, first is just granule gravy, nothing special at all, 2nd is granule gravy with the bits that fall off the chicken whilst it's frying added, tastes very good but since I found out how it was made I've never eaten it again. If the hotwings are different it's more likely that the store is now doing in-store prepared hotwings, which .. apparently people actually prefer as opposed to the hotwings being breaded at a factory and shipped to store frozen ready to be fried. Don't complain, they could have gone kosher .. you'd hate that (no mayo with your burger for a start).
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    Didn't do it! wasn't me and you can't prove a thing!

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