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  1. Hawt Diggity Dawg

    thats a nice story

  2. I want more product reviews of the new weapons coming out. I want a nice review of all of the new ICS and CA stuff to be specific.
  3. Eagle RRV and TT padded modular belt
  4. Got 3 cats that are ours, then a few neighborhood cats that just eat the food, and a possum that also does the latter.
  5. Hey I have been thinking this over for a while and thought I would post it up, if it has already been suggested please delete this. But on the arnies home page at the top is a banner with pictures in it which often change. My idea is that we could have a competition in which people post up pictures of their gun and we pick one that gets posted up on the home page for a week, giving them credit, what has been done to the weapon etc.
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