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My e-mail inbox is being spammed with notifications to 'Arnies Airsoft' threads that I have apparently subscribed to.


I haven't actively clicked anything, and neither do i want to subscribe to these threads. Why is this happening? Have I clicked something by accident perhaps?


I go into 'My Controls' and delete these threads, but every new thread I post in comes up as a 'subscribed thread', and sends out e-mails as appropriate. How do I make it stop?!


I'm up to 1000 posts and this seems to have happened out of the blue, literally today :(


I recall filtering Arnie's from my inbox before because of this problem; I would have put it down to ignorance, were it not for the 'out of the blue' nature of the problem.

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Ah... almost certain the problem is that the "email notification of replies" is automatically toggled on the quick reply box. (see bottom of this thread)


I stuck it on as a new option (on by default) and thought most people would have noticed the additional option there.


It was setup so that either you can uncheck it yourself before you click send, or you can review your subscriptions on your own CP.


I've set the default to -off for the moment, but I can set it back to on in the future. I think there's a way to auto-set the option based on your CP prefs like the normal reply.. I will look into that now.

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Update: Okay tweaked things now and fixed a bug in the code. The "Enable email notification" toggle is ON int he quick reply box ONLY if you have topic subscription enabled in your UserCP.


Also.. the options for how you want to receive notification are there in your CP too. If you only one one email per day from the boards, immediate notification, delayed or whatever it's there for you to set, plus when you select it the correct option is displayed in your email settings form (previously it kept showing the default).

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Hehe, is there an update of the server or software sometime the other day? Because before, by default, the "Enable email notification of replies" had always been unchecked, so I have never noticed that feature before. It could've been my mistakenly clicked the box sometime that day, but what are the chances that quite a few of us all accidentally clicked that box on the same day? :rolleyes:

Now everything seems to be normal again, and that box is unchecked by default.

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