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  1. Solid bits of kit though, can't fault the quality. Here, I'll pop them both on in a mo and get some snaps. To be honest, I haven't a scoobies on how you adjust the compact one I've put on a bit of timber this autumn as well, so the full-fat model fits a bit better now
  2. Agree. I'm not exactly small, and the full-size one is HUGE on me. Embarassingly, haven't actually tried the compact on yet :S Will have more snaps when I have a bit of a dress-up later.
  3. I honestly don't know now! I suppose my honest answer is, just giving the DPM a rest
  4. Alas, there was a mishap with some of the kit (Oakley SI gloves, rigger's belt and hydration pouch were sent, but got sent back; address mixup I think), but the meat 'n' bones of this are done, though I'm still not sure about kneepads... All I need is a HK416 and about 6 different types of aiming devices on it
  5. That came out of the bag like that. Only thing I've done is re-do the straps (they were proper floppy), attach the UJ, Pentagonlight & util strap.
  6. It's a Warrior RICAS. Here's another shot: http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/4040/1007460.jpg I've got a hydration bladder on the way as well. *Was* going to be part of a MC loadout, but I'm now in a hustle with PayPal over the goods, so will be a PMC thing - pics inbound
  7. Nice Stunningly similar to what I'm going for
  8. Slightly impatient, as I'd ordered a *lot* more stuff, and both suppliers are telling me it's been sent; Bank Holiday has slowed post down apparently. Still, here's a sneak-preview of what it is to come. Doc ditches DPM...
  9. Absolutely *tons* of stuff on the way, but I though I might show off this, as it's pretty much as-I-intended EDIT: I think my next purchases should be some new carpet for my mum!
  10. I've got a photo of that new L85 on my phone. Didn't have an ACOG the one I used, but had all the other shiz
  11. Tango, Tango, Pepsi & a Mountain Dew, over.
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