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VSR/BAR-10 upgrade information

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Due to an abbundance for identical topics emerging about what parts are needed to upgrade a VSR?BAR rifle i thought i would take the liberty to explain.



***Please note***


Some of these products in the links may well be out of stock or discontinued/updated. They are a guide to illustrate what you would need to upgrade your Rifle. In the trigger mech, you basically need an upgraded Trigger/Piston sears, Spring guide Stopper and a piston to suit. Then a spring to suit your desired power levels.

If you use a Zero-Trigger, that replaces all the sears and spring guide stopper into one unit.


You will need to check your preferred retailer to availability of the specific parts you require.



The laylax/First Factory/ PSS10 upgrade

the parts you will need are as follows;


pss10 piston sear*

pss10 trigger sear*

pss10 spring guide topper*

pss10 high pressure piston *

pss10 spring guide

pss10 sp150% spring for 480-500fps

pss10 reinforced cylinder head

reccomended= Teflon Cylinder for smoother cycling of the bolt.

*these parts are not needed if you use a Laylax zero trigger






The PDI upgrade

the parts you will need are as follows;


PDI trigger or "first" sear*

PDi spring guide stopper or "set pin"*

PDI reinforced piston sear *

PDI piston (different types available)

PDI spring guide ( must match spring and piston diameter)

PDI reinforced cylinder head

PDI 160% spring ( must match width of piston)

*these parts not needed if V-trigger is used


HOP UP = 9ball, Firefly or King Arms. There are others, but a 'hard' version is best for higher power set-ups.


Tightbore Barrels = Laylax, Dee Customs, KM etc, anything with a bore of 6.04 or smaller. Probably best to get a set of barrel spacers at the same time.


This is just the basics, there are numerous other parts such as cylinder kits, outer barrels, receivers etc that dont really affect performance but just look snacky.


For a decent but by no means definitive list, visit www.wgcshop.com and do a search for VSR.


hope it helps





****Chef Edit****


Nice one Parsley, hope you dont mind, but I've added a bit in about barrels etc just to cap the list off.


Also, I am going to close this to save it becoming another VSR discussion thread, and delete all the other posts to keep it simple.


If there are any specific upgrade questions to be asked, please put them in the complete VSR thread.

If anyone has any other upgrade options that they feel should be included in this quick reference guide, please PM either myself (chef), Bauer or Bushman and we'll edit this one to include it.


I hope this meets with everyones approval.

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i have a Polarstar Piston on it's way to me as i type. Will do pics and review when it arrives, along with the noobies m-trig and TDC + TFB hopup gear. infact i might just review my rifle for all the mods.

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FYI - Laylax PSS10 Air Seal Damper Cylinder Head for VSR10 / G-Spec SOMETIMES this will not fit a stock VSR/Bar 10. In this case you will need to change the cylinder to use this part - probably to the Laylax teflon cylinder.


I just bought one and it doesn't fit. Its a reasonably common problem.

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the threads of that standard cylinder are different that the ones that the laylax Laylax PSS10 Air Seal Damper Cylinder Head for VSR10 uses.

I had the same problem on my vsr-10, bought the palsonite HD cylinder set instead.

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hi there im looking at upgrading my Ares Walther WA2000 to 400FPS on .2 gram BB's, ive been told a VSR-10 or SP120 spring would do it, with either of these would i still have to upgrade the other parts mentioned in the first post in this thread?

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I run the EDGI 6.01 barrel, Nineball hard bucking, Polarstar barrel spacer, Polarstar piston, stock cylinder, Laylax 170 spring and spring guide, PDI complete sear replacement set in the stock TM trigger box, I've filled the stock with auto body glass, and shaved it down to "glass in the action". I also run the stock TM hop up with what was a standard roll pin shaped to take up the wobble of the hop up arm on the pivot point. It shoots a very consistent 536 FPS with .20 all be it I shoot .36 gram BB's for shooting. I have no trouble hitting center mass at 200 feet, that is not an eyeballed 200 ft. The target was set using a laser range finder and the target I use is easy read target paper and a manikin torso. It's has at least 300 bb's threw it and not ever a miss feed. The paint is Tamyia German field gray and Olive drab. The scope is a Leapers, the suppressor is a custom cut.






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