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  1. Forti you made me lol. Gotta love friends with support weapons.
  2. Contour are easier to mount IMO as they are slimmer. You can side mount on a helmet, hat, or as I do on my headphones. Contour ROAM is £118 on amazon. Bargain. Its what I have. Water resistant out of the box, very nice camera, great image quality, only slight downtime is the battery life (in built battery so no swapping at lunchtime) but by switching it on and off you can do a full days gaming. I might get one with a removable battery if you budget will stretch. --- Oh and I bought some polycarbonate and cut a circle out to protect my lens. Doesn't affect the image quality at
  3. Second video from last Sunday.
  4. mp5k highcycle? Or something else I can't tell. Nice video. Terrible music.
  5. Video from Sunday. More action packed video to follow. This one is only 2:40 long and I hope amusing...
  6. Love it. 3:14 to 3:20 made me laugh. 5 airsofters, all with vertical grips, all holding their magwells instead. Only in airsoft. (I do that too!)
  7. A short video from a private game a Elite Action Games Epsom on Sunday, more may follow this was just quickly thrown together last night.
  8. Mine looked like this: I just just sprayed over it and stuck the velco over it. Pull the loose bit off. Don't see why you couldn't sand it or file it.
  9. cafemondo Do you fly by line of sight or using the camera? Very cool video possibilities though.
  10. Just a short (and I hope amusing) video from 2 weeks ago.
  11. I think warbear just made THE airsoft trailer... That was great.
  12. RE: Batteries for Contour ROAM - go back 2 or 3 pages for a mod to fit any battery from and external source. Also ROAM is water proof out of the box (to 1m or something, enough for rain) HD is not. Of course you'd need to be careful if you fit an external cable...
  13. This fits "not too serious". Not 100% sure how the founders came up with the name but I believe it was in a pub...
  14. Bugsy - I would re-cut a short from 5:04 to 6:22, that was epic. However 11 minutes of very similar stuff is a bit too long to watch. I nearly turned off before 5 mins, started skipping forwards but there is some real quality footage in there. 5:04 starts slow and then builds up until you get hit. Its like a full narrative. Shows the game is quite static until you chose to rush (which is basically showing in 20 seconds what the previous 5 minutes did).
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