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Video Competition Results - The Winners


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Redwolf Airsoft are pleased to announce the winners of the Who Dares Wins video competition. We would like to thank all who participated in this competition and you will be all rewarded with a little treat. The votes were counted from the YouTube comments pages along with the votes from a newsletter survey we sent out to all our newsletter contacts. For most videos, they proved to be as popular with our newsletter contacts as they were on their respective YouTube comments page, although for some videos there were slightly more contrasting views from the newsletter contacts and the YouTube comments pages. As our newsletter contacts represents a large number of people, it was quite a big factor in the final result. However, in the end it was a closely fought battle between 2 videos, although 1 video took the Grand Prize. Click the image below to see the Grand Prize-winning video along with the other commended videos.



Warning: if you suffer from epilepsy, we advise you not to look at this flashy animated-gif for too long. Seriously.




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