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6.03 Vanaras precision barrels


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I dont know how good they are, but for 13$ for the short/medium length AEGs and 21$ for the long barreled AEGs they are worth cheking out.


The best news is they also have one for M14 (cheapest option until now were KM's 6.04 at 40$).


You must also take into account that Systema offers 6.04 barrels from 25$ to 30$. Its a proven product, but not available at Rsov or Gunner's; and they dont make one for the M14.


Im definetely getting one with my Cyma M14.



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With the shipping, I got a prommy tightbore form RSOV a while back and it was fine. Sold it on a few months back to pay for foods (pah!), and I've received no complaints from the new owner, so i ASSUME it's still good! :D


At the price, I'm willing to test one of these with my JG G36c - it has good range as it is, and a different tightbore may increase groupings a smidge at range, which is always good. my groupings are a bit iffy out at 50m, I'd like them a bit tighter.

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