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  1. Awesome review. I too have a few ICS and love them. For some really cool ICS reading, and a greater idea of whats compatable and not I present to you the following links: http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/index.php?topic=93066.0 http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/index.php?topic=49844.0 I still wish they would offer A2 and VN based upper receivers for their M4/16 series.....
  2. Burke

    ACM Masada

    Anybody else have a really hard time fitting the handguard pin. Im not sure I want to hammer it in.....
  3. Dimpled plastic. I have one with the inserts pulling out. Need to epoxy them in place to use it again....
  4. Hey look, Kalash is the new Sgt. Scream! (reference picture number deuce)
  5. Burke

    Unholy Fusions

    ^ noes.....me wants cheap masada, show me scar with g36k front end.
  6. Burke

    Unholy Fusions

    Can someone put a g36k front shroud onto a SCAR?
  7. ^ Guarder Rack? or sds? I love mine....thinkin bougth grabbin one in MC too.
  8. Thats pretty sexy what gearbox did you use?
  9. Ah I was just given ya a hard time Yeah the was way to shiny...
  10. It was too bright compared to the Garand parts (which i was trying to match).....so I used a pewter aging technique. If you have one id love to see how you did it.
  11. Okay, I special ordered from airsoft-unlimited.net two boxs of KA m1a1 Thompson mid-caps. Brads customer service is great and he's a very helpful individual. The magazines come in a box of 5. They are approx 110 rounds sometimes you can squeeze a little more, but 110 is a good number. The box says lubricate before use but upon pulling my mags out I could tell they were pre-lubed. They feed great. I let loose on full auto and emptied the mid-caps without a miss-feed. Fitting them into the receiver is varied. I have three cyma thompson and they fit in 2 of them
  12. it looks much better in person, doesnt look chunky or anything. Pics were kinda hard to take as it just doesnt do it justice.
  13. Okay, got my painting done. The antique pewter matched the garand parts pretty good. The brownish part in the front is actually the stock color reflecting from the flash, its not brown on the receiver at all.
  14. I finally got my paint in, so Im hoping to finish it up this weekend.
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