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Daytonagun Steel parts for GHK AK's


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now got prices on these which are pretty reasonable


125 dollars the set including shipping or available individually (all incl shiping)


Trigger 38USD

Rear trigger hook 25USD

Internal selector paddle 27USD

Recoil rod front guide 27USD

Interupter 22 USD


between those and the other kit of parts (bolt carrier hammer and valve knocker) the RA tech adjustable bolt and the RA tech hop unit its now possible to get to stage where the only GHK parts left would be the mags, the recoil rod and spring, the pistol grip mounting block, the hop unit adjusters and the fire control springs


Even some of those could be ditched if you go for a real steel spec receiver, real rear trunion and recoil rod


Id suspect most folks would be happy enough/should get away with the steel bolt carrier, the steel rear trigger hook and the steel selector paddle as upgrades to the GHK kit (ie just run those along with an NPAS bolt and CO2 mags)


No price for the boltcarrier on its own yet though (at moment it comes with the hammer and valve knocker)

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