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TM Hi-Capa 5.1 R-series


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Found this today, dunno if it's been posted before:




Here's an engrish translation:


 Was designed on the basis of the up-to-date concept of combat/sport shooting “high Capa 5.1R”, as much as 17 years old or less becoming purchase possible blow back “R-[shirizu]”, model rise!

 <Level for 18 year old or more the powerful blow back of> that way, high accuracy and it conformed to “young people healthy rearing regulations” <discharge power of 0.135 joules or less> it actualized. In addition, collection elastic talent of [batsugun] is shown <the variable hop-up system> with adopting and redesigning around the barrel, in the shooting 5 - 10m.


 Series 1st it was designed to feature, on the basis of the up-to-date concept of combat/sport shooting, high capacity (the numbers of multi bullets) custom government “high Capa 5.1R” model rise. The encounter “black model” which has the slide and the body of mat black and, the silver of slide and contrast of the black body were effective, 2 types of “silver slide” are appearance. Repeating the thought proof of the functional aspect, to build, the forum for 18 years old or more “high Capa 5.1 government model” speed of shooting and the part which pursues accuracy to a greater extent are adopted for the base. It is the model which conceals the ability to be able to correspond to multiple with the various scenes with the multiplier effect of the hot efficiency which Tokyo [marui] is proud.


Adjustment is possible in left and right top and bottom 4 direction, to adopt the “rear sight”, a more precise shooting is possible.


“Sum safety” was installed on left and right both sides, for the encounter which it has and does not choose the hand style.


Main thing groove of what was cut, with “acid resisting [guruvu]”, the slide surface the fact that the light which is reflected enters into the eye is prevented at the time of [saiteingu].


With the actual gun supposing “[ejiekushiyonpoto]” of semi wide type, the style which custom is done in order “to drive out the cartridge securely”.


Adopting “the trigger” of the short circuit type which was designed in order to obtain the advantage at speed to discharge, guides the finger to best position.

- It was compatible safety and operativity <grip safety>

- It was difficult to slide, for also [guritsupingu] by the bare hand it was suited, <the housing>

- New development <the bullet fast stable system>, the power which is stabilized actualizing high accuracy

- Cartridge several 31 departure, it was superior even in gas capacity, <the large-sized magazine>

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Skirmish wise, nope. Its a lower powered model aimed at Japan's youth market.


Don't want-why would you pay the same as a regular TM Hi-capa 5.1 for these weaker ones? Per WGC website:

"Marui R Series handguns targeted for minority users, same blowback and cycling action but with

much lower velocity" WGC meant to say: targeted for minors, ie. youth.

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