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Making your AKS 74 more realistic


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Quick question:


Im going to weather a Dboys/Kalash AKSU. Should I take the internals out before going at it? Someone said the metal and paint dust could cause damage if it got into the gears. Maybe using wet sandpaper?

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I stripped the internals out of my Dboys AKMS when I whethered the metal parts. I realized the fine paint dust was getting everywhere including inside the barrel and hop chamber, probably even the gearbox. I'd also wear some kind of dust mask since I'd imagine the paint they use is likely pretty nasty. I sanded mine with a medium then fine grit sand paper and then whipped down with a damp cloth.

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The ruskie red colour youve achieved there is just gorgeuos to look at not to mention the wood work skills; im strictly an off the shelf then re-paint kind of person myself, and ruskie red is something ive tried and triedto get right.


Ive just brought an ak74 touriquet kit, and Im trying to make a cheek-rest out of it; Ive seen svd cheek rests used, but the medi-kit is like an SF type thing.


For external projects i suggest practicing on cyma p1093 series rifles; theyre dirt cheap, and great quality.

My springer wall consists of a sinister "KGB presentation model, for service to the motherland"....furniture is black with a high gloss shell of wood varnish, barrel, safety latch, trigger are in mirror chrome paint and a nice replica KGB badge on the lower receiver.


Also, theres my "African Warlords trophy Ak" metal work is faux worn steel, and the mags are triple stacked using blue electrical tape, then I hand painted some african symbols From a tattoo design shop, topped off with some nice beadwork on the sling.

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