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beardyman is awesome!

here's a useful video explaining how to say 'vestibule' backwards.

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make a point of noting this new knowledge on your CV kids.

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He's ace! I actually thought this was my thread at first, have posted his stuff in loads of sites :XD


You should also watch his live "comedy" act if you haven't already seen it. He basically produces music live on stage using just his vocals, it's really clever. For example he'll beatbox a drum beat, loop it then layer more beatboxed instrument over the top.

It is also pretty funny.


Impresses me so much because I use a similar method of layering with synth instruments to make songs, however I could never do it live. I always end up re-recording or changing parts loads of times because they are slightly off the beat or don't fit well... and it's so easy to play slightly off beat when working with so many layers.

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