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  1. Gil Hibben makes exceedingly nice knives; shame I cant get hold of a Jackal, that would make me a very happy bunny...
  2. Thread revival- hotlinking because I cant be arsed to upload the pictures to media fire for the sake of not hurting Moriquende's feelings..
  3. Entertainment center from heaven... I remember when my little sister got an N64- the controllers are horrid, but some of the games are pretty epic, as with the SNES as PS1... *fond childhood memories come rushing back....* I just got some new wheel hexes for my Tamiya Madbull- £9 for a pair, silly Japanese engineers insisted on using splines instead of the normal cross-pin method of attaching them, hence very rare and expensive, never mind, all good fun
  4. Now thats beautiful, in a somewhat grungy & slightly battered way....
  5. Loving Windows 7 Pro so far, so much prettier than XP, though I do have a few niggles to work out/ around. I've set the desktop to change the background every minute- pointed to a folder containing ~250 backgrounds, just awesome....
  6. Fairly recent: Seeing as my PC that I've had for a year was an 'emergency purchase' when my really old intel celeron system died, thought it was time to build a fairly decent rig that will last me for another decade or so Armageddon!
  7. Tough crowd huh? Okay, this should raise a few smiles then:
  8. I wanna play too! Made myself a make-shift lightbox using some large white towels; not exactly high tech but the end result is awesome by my usual standards ( just a little bit of retouching to remove the texture in a few spots ):
  9. Re: vainguard & aznriptide859- All the same, I disagree; small rifle + large scope = all kinds of epicness ( practicality is not in my vocabulary... ).
  10. The inertia overcame the friction between the rock and bottom of the container lorry you mean? Google the word 'pedantic'
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