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  1. Or this... I have terrible lurgy, been coughing all week and trouble sleeping; right time of year for it too ofcourse...
  2. Duelling ( with wax bullets ), cannon shooting & tug of war used to be events at the start of the modern olympics; I'd like to see those brought back for sure- especially... well, all of them
  3. I have seen first hand ( sort of ) people who have ^that kind of attitude towards job offers & wanting to enter the employment ladder half way up, but without any real qualifications or training to have earned it as such, so there is some truth there. However, in my case there are plenty of jobs around, yes, jobs which I would apply for in a second; none of them are within a 15-20 mile radius though & I don't drive ( even failed my CBT, not a natural biker I guess... ) so all I can do is scour the (very) local area for anything & hope something comes up. I've applied for dozens
  4. Q. Which countries are the following cities in: 1) London 2) Edinburgh 3) Belfast 4) Cardiff Clue: 'UK', 'Britain', 'GB' & 'UK of GB' are not a countries. Point being that if something affects the whole UK, then fair enough to say UK or Britain etc ( such as a change of central government for example ), but if an event happens which is specific to a certain part of the Union, ( say, an event happening in a Scottish city ), then you don't expect to hear "Britain celebrated Hogmanay today" on the news do you? No, that would be odd and rather inaccurate because it is only celeb
  5. Did you contact him to say it didn't fit/ request to return it for a refund before leaving the neutral feedback?
  6. Gil Hibben makes exceedingly nice knives; shame I cant get hold of a Jackal, that would make me a very happy bunny...
  7. He said: "Sooner or later either Jordon or Peter will lose the custody battle and one of them will have to keep Harvey" followed by: "Its not surprising that Jordon wants to marry a boxer, she needs someone strong enough to stop Harvey from f**king her" or words very similar to that. The first part is very cruel yet rather amusing ( few people will admit to that however ), the second part isnt funny and doesnt really make much sense unless Im missing something ( I dont watch either Peter or katie's 'reality' shows, rather stick pins in my eyes )...
  8. 3.8v each huh? If 3.7v is enough to kill the bulb ( standard batts are 3.0v right? ) then it could just be they are too high voltage- jiggly thing is rather odd though. Try one rechargeable & one standard batt together to see if the lower combined voltage works maybe? Sounds like you need lower voltage batts to be honest..
  9. Thread revival- hotlinking because I cant be arsed to upload the pictures to media fire for the sake of not hurting Moriquende's feelings..
  10. Curious indeed.. If I make a few suggestions to try:- 1)check the voltage of the non-rechargeables and rechargeables, just to see if there is a ( large ) variation or not. 2)check the size/length of both types to make sure the rechargables arent shorter & not making proper contact inside the torch 3)I would say check the polarity incase they are opposite to what normal batts are ( A123 cells have the button-end of the cell as the negative... ), but you arent a grade-A noob so... Any chance you can change the inards of the torch around to use a different bulb and reflector g
  11. Isnt there a collection timetable on the side of the box? Normally last collection is at ~5-5:30pm...
  12. Sympathy, this^ man has none. Rant: British weather- I swear the roof nearly got ripped off last night at one point...
  13. Entertainment center from heaven... I remember when my little sister got an N64- the controllers are horrid, but some of the games are pretty epic, as with the SNES as PS1... *fond childhood memories come rushing back....* I just got some new wheel hexes for my Tamiya Madbull- £9 for a pair, silly Japanese engineers insisted on using splines instead of the normal cross-pin method of attaching them, hence very rare and expensive, never mind, all good fun
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