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New Eagle6 "quickchange" lipos for the AEP series

Richard Y

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That's right guys and gals we've done it... it's the first commercial available quick change lipo battery for the AEP series... ever...


Take your glock aep or usp aep etc, take out your nimh 7.4v battery, feed the wires under the barrel and simply slot the new lipo in just like you do the normal quick fit battery! its so easy.....


It provides an instance trigger response over 7.4v 500mah... and it lasts longer too! why maintaining the complete convenience of the quick change system and removing the need to external batteries as the ROF and trigger response on the 7.4v lipo is much improved...






Price is £25


you can get it here - http://eagle6.co.uk/shop/eagle6-quick-change-lipo-for-the-aep-7-2v-500mah.html


As you can imagine there's a lot more production cost gone into these with the custom connector to make them an easy fit, but £25 is still keeping it in line with other lipo prices on the market.


And Is honestly the cheapest and easiest upgrade you'll ever do to your aep..

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This is it guys they are so simple to fit, it brings lipo aeps to the masses ... as not everyone wants to take apart the glocks or usps to fit a custom lipo. This makes it nice and quick, and it comes with a litle charge lead for JST to.


These are small and not to over the top just right for a nice solid performance boost and easy fit!


Plenty of batterys to go around and even if we run out its less than a week to dish up some more.


cheers for the support.

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