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  1. So does anyone know of a threaded tactical barrel that works consistantly with detonator slides. Preferably the Costa one?
  2. To be fair from what i can see they come with the VTAC sights as well so effectively your getting a $70 set of sights thrown in. disregard im clearly loosing my mind
  3. Nashville Airsoft has them and even after customs and postage from the states mine cost a lot less than that.
  4. Might be worth seein if you can get the little wire guide/cover as seen on the SOCOM and apparently quite useful for anyone planning on front wiring?
  5. Just a final question and i appreciate this could be me being stupid but wouldn't a shimming issue or indeed a wiring issue manifest in both semi and full auto? Once again thank you for your tolerance, It seems I can fault find on a gas turbine but apparently not a toy gun!
  6. Brilliant, note to self do not use a certain combat shop in the south near Portsmouth again. So realistically rewire and hope for the best? Which is annoying as I paid for the techs time to fix the problem.
  7. Prommy do a flat bucking and smooth rubber, been having reasonable results with it in my galil. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/206414-prometheus-new-fangled-hop-up/
  8. Right so I'm having some (more) issues with my moneypit of a CQBR. Having straightened out the stocktube the gun is still locking up in semi although running fine in auto (for info it is popping the standard 20A fuse every time it locks up and the motor can be heard stalled and trying to turn). The gearset is a brand new set of prommy balanced gears, the motor is a natty little handwound tanio koba number and at the same time as putting the stocktube back at a 15 degree angle my local airsoft shop apparently sorted out the earths on the wiring. Any ideas? Apologies for the thread hijack
  9. Well that's annoying, the sopmod gearbox type stealths have been taken off the AWS website.
  10. Just started a thread on airsoft mechanic asking about Stealth's and Raptor's for recoil shock guns, if anyone wants to add their voice it might help? http://forums.airsoftmechanics.com/index.php?topic=4642.0
  11. By the way I seem to recall recoil system Pmags being mentioned in March, did anything ever come of this does anyone know?
  12. You probably know this richard but he's got an AWS forum on airsoft mechanics, might be worth posting on there mate asking what's occurring with your £1000 order as after 3 months of no gear I'd be looking at legal action! Although saying that PsypherVIII hasn't been online since may 24th.
  13. Sent AWS several emails from my work and civvie accounts. Would be nice to actually get a response at some point. Although having said that I love the way they're using RichardY's Stealth ECU video on their frontpage whilst thoroughly refusing to build the units he's most interested in.
  14. A pleasure to 'fight' alongside you Sir.

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