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  1. 'looks in after a few years away' Wow gotten REAL quiet in here.
  2. Too narrow, or too wide? IIRC the trishots are a fair bit wider than RS.
  3. Did you cut down the barrel and magazine tube on the top one? Been looking for a short format tri-shot with a folding stock for ages.
  4. What rail is that, and will it fit an M3 super 90 trishot?
  5. Mind you Jez Armstrong converts Sig mags to fit So maybe if you ask nicely (i.e. pay him ) He'll make some for you
  6. As always with the 33, how easy to get are the mags? Because firesupport have got ONE.
  7. Could probably shim the stock hinge with some plastic to stop that rattle.
  8. Operating on a restricted budget can suck. But it can look pretty good. Except for that damn skull! :/ £35 for the slide which came with a reinforced hammer housing and spring, and as well as a standard one it inlcluded the blue CO2 ready loading nozzle. Pretty good value tbh. On a side note Angel custom parts, are they any good in WE 18cs? Specifically THIS http://www.evike.com/products/47027/
  9. Bloody hell my mouths watering after looking at that page Skarclaw! That chilli con carne looks really nice. Might get a few of these.
  10. They already exist as D-Boys 1000 round hicaps.
  11. Dammit Jez stop trying to make me buy a shell ejector.
  12. hnnng dammit Jebus, this in't helping my 'attempt' to budget at all. REALLY eyeing up those lpeg AK12's and various bits to make the family now. DAMN YOU
  13. Thats damn good work so far jebus. Now I'm eyeing up 3 of the cheapo ak12's for an aku12, ak12 and rpk12 family group......damn you!
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