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Oakley Levins of Paignton


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Hi guys,


I entered a trade deal with this guy on another forum and he backed out of the deal after i sent my M4 GBBR and i'm struggling to get any info with him. He recieved the M4 GBBR on the 31/08/10 and still has NOT sent it back, He even told me he'd sent it back on the 04/09/10 and didn't as he told me the following week that he couldn't afford too...


I just need someone to contact him if you know him and express to him i will be starting legal proceedings if i don't get my M4 back asap!!


Hope someone can help!!! BTW i use the name Fubar on the other site!!!


Best regards



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Not much anyone can help you with here since the deal was done on another forum. We have no idea who you dealt with from the little info you posted on this person...


Hopefully that name will ring some bells on other users here... Good luck.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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