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  1. I'm annoyed MP5s don't sell well anymore

  2. That is soooo sweet, wish i had the cash.... If someone buys it for me, i would be there bestest friend.. Martin
  3. Its the one Ebaybanned have just started selling.... Its near enough all plastic but its very very sturdy... Cost about £33 posted to the UK... The sling adapter was purchased seperately Martin
  4. Here is my new little baby... Got her today...
  5. Here is my HK collection... Hope you like!! Martin
  6. Well i think its quite cool... Wanted to something similar myself, with the patriot idea... Shame you didnt add a rail on the foregrip for a cool M203.. Martin
  7. My sisters new fella wasn't all i hoped....
  8. I have a couple of threads missing too... The titles are still there, just everything inside them have disappeared... One is my Star SL9 SD Ras and the other is Support weapons in the wanted section... Martin
  9. Did a trade on his G3 SG-1 Ras and it turned up this morning. Very Very pleased with it. Top Bloke

  10. Top notch guy, just done a trade with him and all the gear he sent was in tip top condition. Also sent it when he said he was gonna send it...

    Great guy to deal with...

  11. Great guy to deal with, The HK416 i trade for was in tip top condition. He even gave me a ACM M500 shottie to add to my collection.


  12. 90% of the rail is just cosmetic (unusable). It came from an old G36 springer. The front rail with the scope on was a Laylax multi rail mini from zero one Silencer was attached by a first factory silencer adapter from WGC Martin
  13. This is my old Famas... Made this about 2 years ago and it was great fun Martin
  14. dogsuk

    Armalite Pictures

    I do intend to get one mate. Just a little low on funds at the moment... But i do have to say though, its pretty rock solid as is... I was quite suprised.... Martin....
  15. dogsuk

    Armalite Pictures

    Here is a couple of pics from my latest build. Everything on these pics (besides the Acog) is made by classic army.... Just this minute finished it.... Martin....
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