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  1. White_Rabbit

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    Such a shame, gonna have to wait for them. To reappear then buy a load.
  2. White_Rabbit

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    Did anyone manage to locate the well magazines other than from Taiwan gun or gunfire?
  3. White_Rabbit

    PTW clones( DTW A&K etc)

    Looks like they have all gone
  4. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    Sadly Ive decided to sell mine on, not because I dont like it but because I need to make some money for a particular ring....
  5. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    May look into that, but I may sell it anyway lol 220 + p&p sounds fair.... I dunno
  6. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    Well I managed to lay my hands on a mag loader but sadly it looks like this wont be staying with me, I moving to ireland and its just to hot for the FPS limits over there so if anyone in the UK wants a bargain give me a shout
  7. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    wow thanks dude that would be amazing if you could thanks so much
  8. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    hehe yeah done that but theres a shoe box that needs to be taught a lesson
  9. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    Nope nothing killing me looking at this thing and not being able to load the mags and blat some rouds off lol gonna try emailing them again
  10. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    had no luck finding the mag loading tool and KJW dont seem to reply to emails so guess Ive got me a wall hanger for the moment
  11. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    Hmmmm dont suppose any of you guys have a spare mag loader they would like to sell me ?
  12. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    roger that, seems im missing the loading tool for the mags, a normal speed loader doesnt seem to work dammm it lol
  13. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    Right then before I go off and waste any more of my hard earned money what if any upgrades or replacement parts should I invest in ?
  14. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    ahhhhh ###### lol oh well my own fault for not asking first
  15. White_Rabbit

    KJW M4

    cheers dude, I have no tools at the moment as all my belongings have moved to ireland and Im staying at my parents untill I finish my contract at work gonna order the MOE front and stock to stick on it, ordered the NPAS kit from RA Tech this evening so hopefully ill be able to use this at STANTA at the end of march

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