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Bunch of stolen kit


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So, saw this posted up on fb and thought I'd spread the word as far as possible to try and help the guy get his kit back.


Guy is called Chris Coombs (thanks Apex for pointing out that fail copypasta haha)


Here's the list so far:

Systema PTW M4 CQB, custom G&P M4 Sentry, custom TM MP5K, WE RaTech Scar Gbb, M4 Patriot, Magpul Masada Black, WE L85 Gbb, KWA MP9 Gbb, TM Hi=cappa x2, TM Colt 1911a1, TM TM MEU, TM Glock 18c x2, TM Glock 17, BFG impact grenade, Blackhawk chest rig - black, Blackhawk chest rig anf dropleg holster in Tan/CB/desert - new with tags, Surefire M900, Surefire Scout light, Surefire Universal Weapon light, a couple of Element Surefire Clones, Eotechs, Acogs, and a rucksack and two Pelicases full of mags, belts, pouches, etc, batteries, masks, goggles, glasses, etc and on and on.

If you get offered anything that seems iffy, too good to be true or matches anything above then please message him or call: 07812344740

Here's hoping we find the scum that burgled him and can return it all.

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I've currently not got anymore information about the burglary and whether other items were stolen, but you're right that is a lot of kit. Must've been quite an operation.


Which just serves to make it all the more disgusting. And cheers Apex for pointing out I'd missed the poor guys name.

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