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  1. Like Caz said a while ago we have a small discord server under https://discord.gg/nK8W6wD3xr
  2. Nah man, life gets in the way so i expect thats the same (but not all) for a lot of folks
  3. 2005, feels like a lifetime ago. Still have my gear but been out of the game since the last MorningAfter Event so thats like 9 years now. While it wasn't the sole reason, the VCRA put a massive dampner on things and i feel thats had a chilling effect for new players too.
  4. RX480 is a beast and if looking to the future is something to look at but i have seen deals on 970's / 980s that where very tempting. I did a small side grade when i move from my 3GB R9 280X to my 4GB R9 380X, this should see me into next year when pricing for the RX 480 etc should settle down.
  5. Rather liking the look for this site
  6. Looks like it from what i can gather.
  7. Not had a bs0d like that for years.....
  8. Operation: 'Morning After' The Next Generation

    1. StarMonkee
    2. Wild_XIII
    3. StarMonkee


      Ensign Crusher. Do you know the difference between your mother and the prime directive? Ive never violated the prime directive

  9. You got the Dell U2410 ? (if so same one i have) I've looked at the bigger screens but tbh i am happy with the 24" i really carn't see the point in going over this unless you use the rig for other things apart from games.
  10. To get more greengas / propane into the tanks, stick the tank in the fridge / freezer for 10/15 mins at most then try filling them (not sure what the overpressure resistance is like in these tanks so no idea if this is safe with them)
  11. Operation: 'Morning After 7' so close i can smell the bacon >_<

    1. FireKnife


      Erm, thats not bacon :P

    2. Wild_XIII


      With Hwagan and I being there, bacon is inevitable!

  12. until

    Morning After 7 Welcome Pack Hi I’m Marlowe. You may remember me from such events as Morning After 6, Morning After 5, and those very awkward videos on Youtube that I was talked into doing for Redwolf and the Arnies Hangouts crew. Welcome to Morning After 7, the latest ridiculous attempt to get a group of Arnies members and their friends to turn up to an airsoft site, get hangovers and then work off said hangovers by shooting each other. The focus of the weekend is to have fun. If you’re not having it, tell me. This is not a sneaky-beaky Mil-Sim event where we wander off naked into the
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