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  1. Apex

    Were There Ever Arnies Patches?

    Arrived today Arn, thanks.
  2. Apex

    The Computer Question Thread

    You haz RX 480 ?
  3. Apex

    The Computer Question Thread

    RX480 is a beast and if looking to the future is something to look at but i have seen deals on 970's / 980s that where very tempting. I did a small side grade when i move from my 3GB R9 280X to my 4GB R9 380X, this should see me into next year when pricing for the RX 480 etc should settle down.
  4. Apex

    Videos Thread !

    Rather liking the look for this site
  5. Apex

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Looks like it from what i can gather.
  6. Apex

    The Computer Question Thread

    Not had a bs0d like that for years.....
  7. Operation: 'Morning After' The Next Generation

    1. StarMonkee
    2. Wild_XIII
    3. StarMonkee


      Ensign Crusher. Do you know the difference between your mother and the prime directive? Ive never violated the prime directive

  8. Apex

    The Computer Question Thread

    You got the Dell U2410 ? (if so same one i have) I've looked at the bigger screens but tbh i am happy with the 24" i really carn't see the point in going over this unless you use the rig for other things apart from games.
  9. Apex

    What music are you currently listening to?

    NiN - Pretty Hate Machine
  10. To get more greengas / propane into the tanks, stick the tank in the fridge / freezer for 10/15 mins at most then try filling them (not sure what the overpressure resistance is like in these tanks so no idea if this is safe with them)
  11. Operation: 'Morning After 7' so close i can smell the bacon >_<

    1. FireKnife


      Erm, thats not bacon :P

    2. Wild_XIII


      With Hwagan and I being there, bacon is inevitable!

  12. Apex

    Arnies Social Event Operation: 'Morning After 7'


    Morning After 7 Welcome Pack Hi I’m Marlowe. You may remember me from such events as Morning After 6, Morning After 5, and those very awkward videos on Youtube that I was talked into doing for Redwolf and the Arnies Hangouts crew. Welcome to Morning After 7, the latest ridiculous attempt to get a group of Arnies members and their friends to turn up to an airsoft site, get hangovers and then work off said hangovers by shooting each other. The focus of the weekend is to have fun. If you’re not having it, tell me. This is not a sneaky-beaky Mil-Sim event where we wander off naked into the wilderness and have to craft pouches to preserve our modesty out of the hide of a wilderbeest. That’s MA8. This one is lots of fairly rapid, fast-paced games that give you a chance to play with a range of people in FIBUA and woodland games, and actually have the ability to go ‘You know what, Marlowe? We’d like to do x’ and have me actually try and do just that. What follows is a brief welcome pack to talk you through the essentials – getting to the site, getting help if you have problems getting there, the rough outline (emphasis on rough – I am very flexible and open to input) Key Facts At a Glance Date: Friday July 5th - Sunday July 7th (Gates Open at 5pm Friday but I will aim to be on site from 3ish onwards.) Green Fee £60 (Including Free Entry into prize draw if 20 bookings received by 31 April) Facilities: Portaloo & Shop (provided kindly by Gunman), Genny & Charging Facilities. Indoor social / sleeping accommodation in the barn. Camping space is available, and a Travel Lodge is five minutes drive away. Nearby also are several pubs, a little chef, two petrol stations with cash machines and the A road leading directly to Bury St Edmunds. In Bury St Edmunds there is a large Tesco next to the train station (just off the A-road junction) which sells all of the usual hypermarket content, including disposable BBQs. Marshals: Marlowe, Rhino, Apex and Cazboab. If you are interested in player marshalling please let me know - please don't be offended if I don't take you up on it this time. Food run: BBQ Facilities (cook it yourself!) to be available Friday & Saturday night. On Saturday night we will also arrange a delivered pizza service (most likely Dominoes) - there are also Chinese takeaways, pubs and a Tesco within proximity of the site. The Site: - Info & Getting There The Tuddenham Urban site is an old Second World War Lancaster base with twelve usable buildings and large open skirmish areas, including a large scrub land and a medium woodland which is quite long. The surrounding land is owned by the farm syndicate and is usable for recon with special permission. There is a toilet on site. Please bring your own drinking water. The site is made up of two large building areas, large open areas for vehicle support and seasonal woodlands depending on the shooting season. 3k radios work fine for communication between units and there is a large out of game barn for harsh weather. Site Location The site is located on Cavenham Road, Tuddenham. Postcode: IP28 6SE Latitude: 52* 18' 29' 20" N Longitude: 0* 34' 1' 84" E Google Map: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=d&source=embed&saddr=Unknown+road&daddr=&geocode=FY0XHgMd6qMIAA&gl=uk&hl=en&mra=prev&sll=52.302627,0.568585&sspn=0.02165,0.017123&ie=UTF8&ll=52.302627,0.568585&spn=0.02165,0.017123 By Road From Cambridge (A14) Follow signs for Bury St Edmunds from Cambridge. Go past the A11 turning to Thetford and continue until you see the turning for Tuddenham and Cavenham. At the top of this slip road turn Left. Follow the road straight on all the way to Tuddenham, then turn Right at the folk towards Cavenham. The site will be sign posted along this road. When you arrive, please park your car and make your way to the safe zone (Barn, adjacent to parking area). From Norwich Follow the A11 all the way past Thetford. and keep following, when you get to the Barton Mills roundabout go straight across, there will be a burger king on the left hand side and a garage, its the first turning on the left after these (approx 100m) follow this road down into Tuddenham then as you leave the village you will head out on a road with fields on the right and trees on the left. The site will be sign posted along this road. When you arrive, please park your car and make your way to the safe zone (Barn, adjacent to parking area). By Train Train users are advised to travel to Bury St Edmunds (the closest main station), and either call a local taxi or arrange for a lift (see below). Taxi drivers should be directed towards the old Raf Base on Cavenham Road, between Tuddenham and Cavenham. If they don't know this, tell them it is just opposite the quarry on Cavenham road. The remaining car journey takes 10-15 minutes based upon traffic. Anyone planning to use taxis are advised to liaise in this thread with other train users to arrange group arrival times - the more who use a taxi at once, the cheaper it will be for all involved. Lifts Lifts are very gratefully received at every event by players. If you have a spare and are heading past other players, please consider picking up others to avoid people getting lost. Apex will offer a cheap taxi service from Bury St Edmunds for £5 a head, which is cheaper than the equivalent taxi. If you are heading in by train to see if he is wishing to continue offering this. If you would like to request / offer a lift to others or have any queries regarding getting there, please post here! Staff Contacts (Use if you get lost / need directions!) Marlowe 07947978268 Rhino 07544676571 Apex 07866874566 Cazboab 07948000747 Itinerary Friday (social meet) 17.00 onwards – Arrival, payment, socialising& optional drinking 21.00 onwards - Music Quiz / Drunk Karaoke / Random Firewood Hunt Saturday(full day) 10.00 - 10.30 Pepsi or Coke: Two teams roam the village, searching desperately to prove their preferred tipple AM BESTEST by finding all five of theirs first.Team Virgin (Cola, ahem) will try to prove both teams wrong by preventing anyone from finding their beloved Pepsi or Cola.Can Team Pepsis and Coke findtheir 5 bottles first? Will Team Virgin (armed with nothing more than silly foam implements) prevent them and win the day? 10.45- 11.15 Team Assimilation - Two teams face off - one with sashes, the other without. When hit a player can be medicked BY EITHER SIDE by having a medic place two hands on them and counting to ten. If this happens without interruption (eg the 'medicking' player is not hit) then the healed person joins the medic's team! The winning team is the team with the the most players by endex! 11.35 - 12.10 - Flame the spammers (1) - Rolling woodland regen game (Team of 5 defenders with high caps versus remainder - once hit they most move back twenty meters to respawn. Attackers respawn when medicked. Attackers start in woods and push defenders back to the bottom of the village -attackers win when they reach that far end of the village.) If popular, we'll reply in the opposite direction!. 12.10 – 13.10 - Lunch & Resupply 13.10 - 13.55 - Flame the Spammers (2) Round two begins! The rules are the same but with new defenders and fighting from the copse down to the last firebase! Can the second team of defenders last any longer? 14.10 – 14.55 - Forum wars (3 teams – 2 gangs, 1'moderator' force) (one mag per rifle / no tacgear for gangs, full tacgear for 'moderators'). Forum Wars returns! Two gangs of flamers patrol the village, looking for punks with differing beliefs to flame (and shoot at) and evidence scattered around the village to support their idiotic arguments! The 'Moderator' team are heavily armoured but outnumbered -they can 'ban' anyone they catch with a weapon drawn /raised (if rifle), but can they ban everyone before one team finds all of the evidence? 15.10-15.30- Carrier (2 team assimilation with 'infected'). Team assimilation with a twist! One man on each team is secretly infected. At every opportunity,they will try to secretly infect their team mates by placing both hands on their team mates and whispering 'infected'. The game will carry on as a standard assimilation game until the end whistle is played or one team has fully assimilated another. At this point the total people on each team AND those infected will be counted as a third team. The largest team wins! 15.45- 16.15 Arnie's Alamo - The Forum(the village) is under attack! Two squads of rabid newbies are assaulting the village from both sides, and a crack team of regulars have been deployed to protect the forum! A rolling attack-defend game, with the regulars retreating block by block until they are left in building 5. Anyone killed within building 5 is out of the game. How quickly can the newbs overrun the regulars! 19.00 - 19.45 - N.E.W.B.I.E: Shadow of Arnies. Three teams of Newbies descend on a gloomy forum, desperate to find out WOT AM BEST GUN? The only way for them to discover the truth is to locate all of the 'Artifacts' hidden across the barren form wastes, and have their collector, armed with oven gloves and a carrier bag(of course!) collect the artifacts. Unfortunately, those peskie Newbies don't pay attention to forum rules, and might decide to shoot the rival Newbie groups' collectors to steal all of their artifacts! Who will have the most Artifacts by the end of the game? 19.45 - 20.30 - Sneaky Spam-bots - Those pesky spam-bots have escaped from suspension! Starting at the bottom side of the village, the 8 spam bots must sneak through the village, equipped with nothing but their foam weapons, and collect 6 pieces of spam hidden in the village before escaping to 'post' them by reaching the barrels at the top end. Every spammer who reaches the barrels with a piece of spam wins. But wait! The forum regulars are determined to keep the spam off of their forum and will do it well armed, with whatever weapons they can muster! Using only semi-auto and each carrying a torch or tac light that they must keep on (no sneaking, regulars!), can the spam-bots evade detection, or will they be caught and be banned forever before the time is up! Sunday(Morning – 12.15 / Endex call) 10.00 - 10.30 Our Forumz Better N Urz - Capture the enemy team game. Whose forum is better? Forum Nubz and Forum Titz will fight to persuade each other their forum is bestest! Each team starts at opposite ends of the village. When hit, a team member must wait to be medicked, or can be captured by a member of the opposing team. If captured, they must be taken to the opposing team's end of the village. The winning team is the team that rounds up the most of the enemy team at endex! 10.45 - 11.30 North Versus South / Wot Am Best Gun/ Replay your favourite game from the weekend (we'll ask you to decide) - This slot will depend upon what people want / how knackered people are. If you have a request, post it in this thread! 11.45 – 12.15 Capture the TUNA/AIDS – speedball game. Two teams at opposite ends of the tire barricades must fight to secure and claim the arms cache of Tuna Aids in a terrible tug of war. Who will be first to get the Tuna Aids totheir base? 12.15 – Thanks / Cleanup & Finish - The end! If you have suggestions - now or at the event - let me know - I'll happily try to incorporate anything, no matter how ridiculous, if it's something you all want! If you have any more queries, thoughts or anything, get in touch. If not, I look forward to seeing you at Tuddenham! Thanks Dan (Marlowe)

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