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FMA GPNVG-18 Replica (Zero Dark Thirty)

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I have also posted a video on Youtube, dont forget to go check it out:

This is also my first time writing on Arnies, so bear with me.
So, like everyonelse I was really excited when the dummy version was announced (admit it, you watched 0Dark30 and got geargasm over this). I had decided to order one just to see how it looks on my helmet (plus its only 50$, that cant hurt). I think everybody has them by now since its Sold-out pretty quickly. However, I see there arent that many reviews on the net, so I took the liberty to do some review on it. I will go over some pictures, modifications, build qualities and other basic stuff just for those who are still on the fence on this replica.
You will get these following Items:
The GPNVG 18, Battery pack, Wire , Velcro Sticker, ID-Stickers, Protective lenses, Transparent lenses, and a nice-box (as opposed to typical ACM brown cardboard box).

Built Quality
At a distance the replica looks great, but at close-up its in a pretty bad shape. With very noticeable gaps and unfinished plastic mold lines,
The adjustment pieces on the sides and at the tops do not work like they are supposed to.  
View from the front
At the back

One thing that really bugs me with this unit, is that if you pull on the tubes, they will COME RIGHT OFF. This is terrible, especially if you are a hardcore Milsim/airsoft player
like I am. It almost render this thing non-skirmishable.
If you look inside, you can see that it is empty. I believe they saved up the space to incorporate LED lights in the next versions. Also, the whole unit can be disassembled into
2 halves, top and bottom and the gaps between them are really big (no wonder why you can pull the tube straight off).

The battery pack can be open up with hex screw screwdrivers (not given); reveals an area large enough to hold CR123A batteries, tactical snacks, or whatever you wanna keep.

You can replace the transparent lens with a blue one, giving you a bigger headache while looking through. Alternatively, you can also put a lense protector in there
for those looking to play airsoft with it.

With the whole thing assembled and strapped on to my helmet, it doesnt look half bad; especially for a 45$. It is well worth it:

So to summerise this review:
-only 40-50$
- looks cool from afar, resembles the real deal
-comes with multiple lenses/ ID stickers
- Battery pack can keep lots of things in it

- crappy details
- large, heavy and impractical
- Need to buy individual mounts, which costs almost twice the price of this replica

 I people suggest waiting for the SPARTAN version, as I believe is more realistically scaled (1-1 I have heard) and the pictures show a much better attention to quality (and it isnt that much more expensive). If I can get my hands on them, I might do a comparison video, but if you want the GPNVG just for the sake of having one and your looking at the cheapest price point. The FMA imho is worth the purchase.


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Duh so we can walk down the cat isle thing and show how sexy we are in uniform's. I can Imagine my for sale advert right now: Ladie's do you want a SF Operator of your own without all the hassle and that one ultimate Shizzle bad day?...


I just like Poncing about really...

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The leds is mostly for photoshoot i asume.

Nice Review Theoutlier!

Would be great if you bought the spartans and made a comparison.


Got my spartans on the way.

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Well, here's a snap of me with my Spartans.  These are the standard version, but compared to the FMAs, I like them miles more.  They just seem better made, with more attention to detail.  Video review coming shortly...







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