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  1. They seem to be altering the rules to make it more realistic, but I haven't experienced an event yet, so I can't really say. Ultimately, I'd love a milsim event that required 24 hours minimum in-game action, land nav, intelligence gathering, etc. Not this "capture the building, then go capture the next building, then take the VIP back to X building, then shoot more" stuff. I'm fine going two-three hours without shooting at anything if it serves a purpose, but I digress...
  2. One on the left is painted, right is cerakote and Hydrodip.
  3. Once you accept the fact that "Milsim" like AMS events isn't going to happen anywhere nearby, it's fun. Gamepod is great on smaller days when you can move without the M4 LMGs (AEGs/ P*s with hi-caps or box mags) pinning you down. We do have to travel for Milsim, but that's only because the demand hasn't surfaced except for a few select people speaking up.
  4. Who makes the extended mag? WE?
  5. Out at Gamepod Combat Zone (San Francisco, CA area) last weekend for Redwolf's Operation: Rising Sun playing on "Green Team." Day 1: Day 2: In "action"
  6. Well, I can't quite spray since she's a GBBR, but I'd be down! She's also not exactly black haha... Dead on lol... I activate it with my first finger around the first joint. Essentially, I slide my hand a little farther forward and the natural grip depresses the pressure pad on the rear.
  7. My WE "cool guy" build ("Francesca") and WE Mk18 ("Betty")
  8. My Mk18 is a tight fit like that. Insert mag, slap bottom!
  9. New gun unveiling. It's 95% done. Watch if you enjoy GBBRs
  10. Saturday's "green team so throw on whatever you have" kit. With Spartan Leah
  11. Looking for the right pouch for your Thunder Bs or Tornadoes?
  12. I sent an email last night. I'll be calling to follow up today. It's possible, but the rail, stock, dust cover, and optic all are equally sh*tty, so it looks more like they just didn't care. Yup! That part was done properly at least...
  13. The whole thing is God awful. I'll share some close-up pics later. The company that did it needs to refund me everything I paid, and pay for it to be bead blasted and refinished. It's unbelievable...
  14. Guarder x TM P226 with X300. Sorry for the lack of close ups haha...
  15. Mucking about pre-game: Then it started to rain and I took over the blank-firing AK duties for game control.
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