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Wholesale Airsoft from the Source... 18WargameHK

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18 Wargame HK (Wholesaler)

ok... A brief history of myself. I have been in HK for 12 years, and running with guns... and running gun to my motherland (NZ) for 10 years.

Although I started shipping airsoft with a request from a friend for one p90, from word of mouth I was soon dealing in quantity and supplying many NZ game sites with lots of 24 semi only M4's or 36 g36c's, boxes of BB's, masks, and BDU's etc etc

Over the years I have come to learn the inside of the trade and I have been buying many models and items from a wholesaler “18 wargamehk ” common called by locals in the know... as just “18”

I have always been treated fairly with local wholesale prices and help with any issues by there helpful staff.
Earlyier this year i spyed some 3 boxes stashed on a shelve out of reach with the words shotguns scribble on the side.
and due to the local "well is dry" for the tribarrel shotguns and my craving for such... i had to ask and was most elated to hear it was the new KOER tri barrel shotgun samples from the factory. I then inquied how much and could i have one for my impending birthday game the following weekend, and to my utter suprise... he just gave me one!!! 
exactly why i'm unsure... maybe because they were factory samples and he not have a price yet? or maybe just for the years of custom and bring in random my customers now and again so under HK$300 is not really a big deal anyways... or maybe just for my B/d?
Anyways, hence wanting to return this general fairness and "pay it forward" present with this release of this little insider information and nice review.

Over the years I have watch 18 grow from a little wholesale toy shop, into the leading Airsoft wholesaler as they have been supplying many major local and international retailers for several years now.

So if your a retailer wanting true direct wholesale, or a game site needing supplies or even If your wanting to open a little start-up company yourself... this is the greatest place to start.


And if you not in need of a wholesaler, there facebook is a great place to see they latest items and “coming soons” before they reach the market.

Or even just as a tourist destination its quite the eye opener and a great place to start your HK Airsoft shopping spree.
Although you may be interrogated at the door, so a buenines card can be handy, and don't keep asking “how much” as that can be annoying to them, but instead just full your basket, just know the simple fact that you can't get it cheaper... anywhere! so all that really matters is do you want it or not. ;)


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