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  1. The Insider

    SHS / PPS …Kaput?

    someones already copied there shotgun shells.... so hopefully your orphan can still be feed. xm26 mags on the other hand... might be a much rarer breed.
  2. The Insider

    SHS / PPS …Kaput?

    If you are not aware.. maybe 18 months or so ago now a very large engineering company gobbled up the much smaller SHS factory, and although those that survived the transfer thought there would be a continued production of the much loved brand of SHS parts and the newly released (2 -3 years ago) PPS rifle models in part limited run at least. Sadly this doesn't seem to be the case, as it seems no new production runs have happened since and communications with the factory have been minimal to none. Although... I have no exact facts to prove other wise, and I'm just (educated) guessing, as there is no “press release” and may never be. Other than being able to talk to those other insiders that matter also saying this seems to be the case. And also seeing there more popular lines at the wholesaler start to dry up and not to be restocked. Oh, and I just tried to order 150 inner barrels today only to be politely told... I may have screwed to pooch on that one. Please please PLEASE, if anyone has any intel to contradict my claims …. please enlighten me. They were actually at the HK toy show 2018 in January, although had nothing new to show, and hopefully the they will be back in future....😳 Anyways.... TL:DR the lesser popular SHS lines will probably still be in stock for some time (years) maybe, as I still see a odd box at the wholesaler now. But the more popular lines have already started to dry up over the last 12 months. And sadly the fine range of PPS rifles and shotguns, once gone, that could most likely be it. The odd retailer still have some shotguns, other than that, good luck hunting if you wanted a XM26, Kar98 or Mosin. second hand maybe the only option.

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