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  1. Looks pretty cool TBH, the OD version is surprisingly appealing. ARES being the OEM gives me mixed feelings but I will be following its release
  2. Isamu

    Custom Gear

    Thanks man! that backpack looks TERRIFIC! will contact them for my next project =D
  3. Isamu

    Custom Gear

    I have been following them for some time in facebook and their work looks pretty good, what are your experiences with them quality/price wise? =)
  4. Please, don't forget to leave some impressions about the "new" guns, I'm pretty interested in them after seing the price tag 😃
  5. Knowing PTS, it will be cheaper to just buy the real thing XD
  6. Isamu


    Apologies for the blatant nechro, but didn't find a place to post this My SVDs, now a bit shorter and with some rails. I expected the modifications to be a bit more difficult, but ended being quite easy 😃
  7. Pistols are not my area of expertise, but, is that the new adopted side arm of the US Army?
  8. Complete a gun? since when an airsofter "completes a gun"?, that only happens for the first five minutes and then you start looking for more stuff to sink your money, believe me, I'm there Anyhow, the gun is stupidly cool, man!
  9. good to know, thanks,man! tell us how bright it is when you field it on a sunny day =) I'm a big fan of the MRO clones myself
  10. silly question, is that a real FC1 or an acm clone?
  11. It will depend on which one is cloned first, this, or the GBLS DAS XD
  12. I'm sorry to hear that, man, which motor did you get? the high torque or the super high torque? I believe there are two versions of them, did you use a 11.1v lipo? This guy makes a nice comparison between motors
  13. "It's comfier", in short, and I agree BTW,the new cloth and mesh masks are pretty good and won't interfere with "low" mounted optics. At least for me =)
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