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SOG G36C (swedish special forces)

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Im going to make a SOG impression (swedish special forces) and they use a g36c with some external parts i dont know the name of so my whole question is: based of a basic jg g36c (with upgraded internals) what do i need to buy to get it to look like this:


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This is the wrong section to post such questions, the right section should be the General Discussion section, I believe. You can find it in the link below:



Besides that, this is the rifle that they have been seen using:




You'll need a new stock and a new RIS for the gun. The stock that you will be most likely to find that fits the bill is the G&P MK36 KV stock(http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=745_30_141&products_id=1283), but as you can see, it is not 100% accurate. Perhaps you would be able to find the same stock produced by other companies, or stocks that are similar.

As for the rail, I do not believe that there is a rail on the market that will be low profile enough unless you're able to find the exact same rail that SOG uses. Theirs is of a special design and all rails on the airsoft market are just too bulky. I would suggest that you simply use the standard plastic hand-guard that comes standard with the G36c and use the rail panels as they are. Once you start to add AN/PEQ-15 devices or similar, as well as your preferred flashlight, and fore-grip, you will be covering up enough of the fore-grip so it should not look much different. 


If you have any other questions about the weapons of SOG, I would be glad to help, but my knowledge is limited.

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The G36C in the SOG images you linked has the following configuration (taken from this video):

Extended magazine release
Extended bolt release
Collapsible stock
KSK/SL8 type upper Picatinny rail

magazines without retainer tabs (http://www.heckler-koch.com/en/military/products/assault-rifles/g36/g36c/accessories.html?tx_z7attachmentshk_pi3[article]=8&c)

H&K black 3-point sling

B&T BT-21979 G36C RAS handguard
AAC Blackout flash hider (not sure of the exact model)
Aimpoint w/rubber protector and magnifier in a QD mount (removed)
LLM01 light and laser module

In other photos they also use other more recent parts:



H&K low profile upper picatinny rail with BUIS
B&T BT-21991 G36C RAS handguard (early 2-hole or 3-hole current model)
B&T flash hider
Aimpoint T1 Micro
AAC Ranger supressor?

There is no airsoft replicas of several of these items, like the extended magazine and bolt releases. But still you can get very close for an impression. Here is a list of the more difficult.

JG now makes a replica of the collapsible stock that also comes with newer JG G36 guns. Without HK logos, but cheaper and more accurate that the old one by G&P:




Beware, the one made by Umarex/S&T for their G36 EBB has a different oval-shaped stock hinge. It cannot be used in a TM style G36 without removing material with a dremel.


Upper rail:
Begadi or VFC KSK rail (aluminium, very sturdy but high profile)

WE IDZ upper rail with integrated BUIS (low profile,cheaper, plastic made :( and flimsy)

RAS Hanguard:
There are only replicas of the current 3-hole B&T BT-21991

VFC G36C RAS for Umarex / VFC G36 GBB Series
Almost perfect replica of real deal, but made for VFC G36 GBBR, it will not fit well WE's G39C or AEGs

Not very accurate, but is made for AEGs. It will fit like a glove an EBB G36C or TM style receivers with a bit of dremelling. It can be ordered directly from Ares (55 USD)

Flash hider:
There are a lot of AAC Blackout replicas of variant quality. If you want the B&T, there is only one:

Vertical fore grip:
If you want to use one, get this H&K VFG replica :

LLM01 Flashligh and laser module:
There is another one made by VFC, but everyone says is way inferior.


To give you an idea of what can you expect, here is one of my G36s with several of these parts put together:



Hope this helps!


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Didn't know Sweden had a special forces. Nice choice of gun though, love the g36c, its a cool looking gun, I wish Ireland had a special forces, If they did I would hope they would use any thing except the stupid styer aug a1 which are "army" use, which IMO is out dated and looks like but are army don't rely do any thing except escort the money vans around from bank to bank and try to look cool in the process.  

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Nope, it has the correct lenght and shape. But the B&T RAS hanguard in your first photo is shorter (with 2 ventilation holes above the barrel, note how the gas piston isn't fully covered) than the one in my photo (BT-21991 with 3 holes).


Also, VFC's flash hider is 14- and the barrel of my Umarex G36CV is 14+, so I couln't screw it all the way in. That's the reason it may seem longer in my photo.

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