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  1. A Delisle Carbine? Great!
  2. Very good looking Glock, man. But to truly reach glock perfection you need to change theUS frame to the Guarder euro version to match the euro slide markings It's a small detail that always bothers me in otherwise great realistic builds like this. Once you know the markings meaning it's very obvious and you can't unsee them...
  3. While not as easy as in the US, you can buy RS parts for H&K guns online in Europe. Examples: http://www.germangunworks.com/rifle-parts-c-32.html http://www.rksplus.com/ http://www.aasias.com/armas-40/bt.html http://www.asetalo.com/nayta_tuotteet.php?a=Tarvikkeet&o=349 The first two accept orders in english. I'm not sure about the others, but it's worth a try. Anyway there are many small gun webshops like this in Europe. Also, any parts related to H&K or B&T are usually very, very expensive.
  4. Check the mag catch spring, maybe it has weakened with use. It should be enough strong to make impossible to let the magazine fall by itself or by wiggling it.
  5. According to a old comparison in the justpistols.co.uk website (now defunct), the TM Detonics is the best perfoming GBB pistol in cold temperatures. The small plastic slide makes it very efficient.
  6. I read elsewhere that because of its diameter it was one of the quietest airsoft supressors... oh well
  7. Looks like an early Umarex/Ares EBB with a riser instead of the upper rail. The handguard is a real first generation B&T RAS for the G36C and it's more expensive than all the other parts combined...
  8. I think the VFC rail is a 1:1 copy of the real one, which many people (german players) put in their AEGs years ago before Begadi made its copy. Maybe the holes are a bit off, but it should work.
  9. If the Stark are not repairable, which TM style Glock CO2 mags are? APS v2, WE...?
  10. Guys, you are overthinking this. It's Cybergun, no other explanation is needed. Remember, this is the company who has been trying to trademark words like "MARUI" and "HOP UP"(and many other terms and brands) in Europe : http://www.popularairsoft.com/japanese-find-cybergun-preventing-healthy-market-growing
  11. If I may make a suggestion, please don't use Photobucket por posting images! Photobucket hosting means tons of dead links in forums in the long term. Looking for images in old forum threads it's a graveyard of lost images. Unless is for personal use, it's way better to use http://imgur.com/ or another easy and decent anonymous hosting service that will store the images almost forever, so people can see them even if the original poster is long gone.
  12. With a few exceptions, this is the business plan of almost all the entire airsoft industry.
  13. Nobody, even the real dual optic is crappy for a real steel sight. Also very expensive for it's low quality. Unless you want it for the looks of a classic 90's G36, it's better to buy the KSK rail or the A2 style 3.5x carry handle with top rail.
  14. Here: http://begadishop.eu/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=&products_id=5325
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