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  1. Kratisto

    1911 Picture Thread

    A Delisle Carbine? Great!
  2. Kratisto

    Glock Picture Thread

    Very good looking Glock, man. But to truly reach glock perfection you need to change theUS frame to the Guarder euro version to match the euro slide markings It's a small detail that always bothers me in otherwise great realistic builds like this. Once you know the markings meaning it's very obvious and you can't unsee them...
  3. Kratisto

    H&K Picture Thread

    While not as easy as in the US, you can buy RS parts for H&K guns online in Europe. Examples: http://www.germangunworks.com/rifle-parts-c-32.html http://www.rksplus.com/ http://www.aasias.com/armas-40/bt.html http://www.asetalo.com/nayta_tuotteet.php?a=Tarvikkeet&o=349 The first two accept orders in english. I'm not sure about the others, but it's worth a try. Anyway there are many small gun webshops like this in Europe. Also, any parts related to H&K or B&T are usually very, very expensive.
  4. Kratisto

    1911 Picture Thread

    According to a old comparison in the justpistols.co.uk website (now defunct), the TM Detonics is the best perfoming GBB pistol in cold temperatures. The small plastic slide makes it very efficient.
  5. Kratisto

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    I read elsewhere that because of its diameter it was one of the quietest airsoft supressors... oh well
  6. Kratisto

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    How effective is that Delta P supressor?
  7. Kratisto

    Stark-Arms/VFC Glock 19

    If the Stark are not repairable, which TM style Glock CO2 mags are? APS v2, WE...?
  8. Kratisto

    Cybergun/VFC FNX-45

    Guys, you are overthinking this. It's Cybergun, no other explanation is needed. Remember, this is the company who has been trying to trademark words like "MARUI" and "HOP UP"(and many other terms and brands) in Europe : http://www.popularairsoft.com/japanese-find-cybergun-preventing-healthy-market-growing
  9. Kratisto

    Photobucket problems

    If I may make a suggestion, please don't use Photobucket por posting images! Photobucket hosting means tons of dead links in forums in the long term. Looking for images in old forum threads it's a graveyard of lost images. Unless is for personal use, it's way better to use http://imgur.com/ or another easy and decent anonymous hosting service that will store the images almost forever, so people can see them even if the original poster is long gone.
  10. Kratisto

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    With a few exceptions, this is the business plan of almost all the entire airsoft industry.
  11. Kratisto

    Tokyo Marui HK45

    Your wish was granted a long time ago... by KWC/Cybergun: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/kwc-taurus-pt99-co2-gbb-pistol-short-magazine-ver.html It's actually a cheap decent gun, the only real con it's the high FPS, but it can be lowered with a bit of GBB knowledge. Spare parts can be found here: http://www.skyproairsoft.com/prod_list.php?series_id=15
  12. Kratisto

    Stark-Arms/VFC Glock 19

    What's the problem with WE CO2 valves? The diffusor grid looks to me like the only part that can't be fixed if it breaks, but that seems only possible due to uncareful disassebly, not normal use. All the other parts that can go wrong are typical o-rings. The problem to me were the weak aluminium screw caps, but since Ra-Tech made steel replacements...
  13. Indeed. Outside of a few brands like TM, RS or KJW, you rarely get what you pay for.
  14. Kratisto

    TaiwanGun Poland

    If Taiwangun seems to have a small catalogue, is because their webshop don't show in searches out of stock items. Product pages dissapear until they are back in stock.
  15. The supressor they use must be related to the flash hider. So a gun with a AAC Black Out will use AAC suppressors, and others with the B&T flash hider will use B&T Rotex type suppressors. Both have airsoft replicas, but I'm not sure about the exact model in the photos.

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