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(AVOID) http://warriorairsofteshop.com/

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Ordered a set of FFI Aor1 cammies on the 15th of this month, Got an email from them a day later saying they were out of stock. I would have thought they would have refunded me but they decided not to bother and keep my money. I asked for the refund in 2 emails and got a reply "will refund you today (17th)" and since then nothing. Opened a paypal dispute and they havnt bothered replying to it either. Looks like they just dont give a *suitcase*. I escalated to a claim today and paypal has givin them another 10 days to respond (10 days WTF?)

Overall terriable shop, and to top it off, You can still order and pay for the item in question on their site thats out of stock (FFI AOR1 Gen 2 set medium).


Avoid this place

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