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Does the WE-Tech 1911 have a new version?

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So im wondering if the WE 1911 (The WW2 version) has a new version, because i have heard that there is but google wont help me with this. Im going to get a silver 1911 for an show im doing and i know that WE manufacturers Silver 1911's, and if there is a new version how is it different from the old version. And is the WE Beretta M9 inox new version a good buy? Thanks in advance.

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Evike and WE USA have brought out some "new" versions of some of their 1911's and SIG P226's. They are calling them the "NG3 Sytem".


They have had the following done: 1.) Fiber re-enforced polycarbonate blue nozel (for higher pressures).

                                                        2.) Electroplated black tight-bore barrel

                                                        3.) REAPS "style" hop-up


They are supposedly assembled and quality control checked in the USA.


Have not seen a review on them yet.

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