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  1. Did I ever ask what people thought of me?Don't like me block/ignore me, don't want to do that do like I said 2 months ago.
  2. Nope, not concerned with the wallet or my health. I was on an empty road, I'm always on empty roads, cop was hiding which is against the "rules" My father has been sober for 33 years and he's still a jackass. To him anyone that has a drink in their life makes them an alcoholic.
  3. I'm on one month of being sober, I think I'd rather have no internet than this no boose bs.
  4. So I'm trying to decide what to do, getting tired of the rail but it's the best one to get access to the hopup. Ghk has strange lengths for outer barrels, my 10.5 is actually a 9.5 ish. I'm wanting to make it a 12.5 but the only way extension pieces with an inner barrel stabilizer are 1.5" long. I'm planning to use the TNT kit which actually ups the fps because of its superior seal. Iirc the devilhunter mod will up the fps but I can't get a definitive average of the increase. If I use a standard nozzle some say with this combo i could be over the 400fps limit. For a 12.
  5. About the bio bb thing, has anyone heard of bioshot? I need high quality bios in white and this is the only company I seen that makes white bios in heavy weight. http://www.bioshotbb.com/store/
  6. They went ahead and did it, gave me a 41$ refund.They truly are the best in customer service. Now I wish my bank was that quick. Me too but now our season is over so for the next 4 months I just have to put up with the family and the random visit to a co workers house for a sober party. I hope the next 6 months fly or else I'm going to stock a bottle and start getting drunk fast after I do my probation call in. So far I've only had to go in on Saturdays and blow in a breathalyzer.
  7. So a few minutes ago I played an order for a Mayflower APC from skd tactical and as soon as I go the confirmation email I got another email at the same time from them saying that the APC was part of a 19% off sale. *fruitcage* So I emailed them asking if I'm boned on that sale. Now the wait for a reply
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/heres-how-much-america-really-spends-on-israels-defense-2012-9 Why do we need to help them when our country is in shambles? That money each year would fix schools, roads, communications, and out everyone that's homeless in a home. How about it go to our national debt? Oh wait, never mind. http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/03/politics/us-sends-plane-iran-400-million-cash/ http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/11/politics/us-foreign-aid-report/ We need to worry about our own country before others.
  9. I won't ever go to a hospital, our roads are , it took our town 49 years to fix one railroad crossing. 10 years that I know of to put up a speed limit sign on my road. The police station was given a *fruitcage* load of money to renovate the jail so that they can house inmates, nope they just keep sending them to another county. They are squandering our taxes when things need fixed 30+ years ago. Also the us government did just fine not taxing the people for 100 years, then they brought in the emergency taxes bs then kept going with it. Now we send millions of millions to ot
  10. I don't use hospitals so I shouldn't have to pay for someone else. What about private schools? They pay and they pay again. As for schools, just look at most of my typing on here and tell me school is doing well? Most schools get almost nothing and the teachers get next to nothing. Take for instance, a high school I think in Texas spent the tune of 24+ million for a football stadium when they overlooked an overcrowding problem.
  11. Conspiracy theories suggest that we are still under the rule of the crown. And that all wars are like the Iran contra affair. Supposedly fomoco built trucks for the Germans.
  12. I don't make enough to get penalized for not having it but if you don't have it and make enough you get fined(theft). Now every year the premiums keep going up and it's to the point it's not affordable for many. Take 2 coworkers for instance, they have insurance and still get penalized. The only thing it did was help people who didn't have insurance with a preexisting condition get insurance. It's no more affordable now than it was before except they can steel more money from you. As for our candidates, American have not voted for a Democrat after another Democrat for what ov
  13. It is just a first offensive, not sure what it's like elsewhere. Second is the same just longer jail or probation time. Third is where it gets bad, felony, jail and a huge fine. Meanwhile you should of see the sentences I heard for people with drug charges, they are boned.
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