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We hi capa feed lips


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They are compatible. I replaced my WE HiCapa's feedlip which I used to have. I used TM and SD feedlips that time.

The stock WE feedlip use a weak, flexible plastic which easier break in cold weather and if you drop the mag, it will break imediatelly.

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Then get the parts from KYairsoft, I recommend them. I have order there over 400$ - replacement parts only.

They send the parts via airmail or EMS. I got everything really fast except if something isn't on stock at their warehous.

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Depending on which part you classify as the sear in the airsoft 1911/Hi-Capa design it is either part 39 or part 40. I think technically it is part #40. But what the heck is part #39? :o

EDIT: Right, got it. #39 is the disconnector.





To find parts on KY Airsoft, go to Parts -> Select pistol model.

Click on any link that is relevant for your pistol model.

Review the exploded diagram that is presented. (Mouse over to zoom)

Look for the part you need.

Then search for "pistol name ##"

Where pistol name would be, "Hi-Capa" and ## would be "39" or "40" in this instance.

Select appropriate part from the search results.

Order said part.

Wait for delivery.


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