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    Pistols: Tokyo Marui Detonics Combat Master, LS M9 Sport Carbine, Custom Build Hicapa, KSC P226R, TM P226
    Shotguns: Double Eagle M56A, Maruzen CA870, TM M870 Police, PPS XM26
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    Owned/repaired: AGM M4A1 RIS, WE G39, WE M4A1, WE SCAR-L, WE SCAR-H, WE PDW, WE M14, G&P WOC, G&P WOK, KSC M4A1, GHK M4s, GHK AKs, GHK AMD-65, TM-WE-KJ-ACM 3.8-4.3-5.1, TM-WE-KJ-Bell 1911-MEU, KSC-Faclon USPs, KSC-KWG M9s, TM-Bell-HFC M9, KSC P226R, KSC SigPro 2340, APS ACPs, WE G17-G18c, TM-SY P226, KSC-JG G18
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  1. Batmause

    WE Colt Junior

    Maybe the barrel is much thick as the previous guns. So it is possible it is something to 11mm adapter to let you use the standard adapters (11->14). Anyways, I don't know, just try to figurite out this situation.
  2. Batmause

    WE Hi-Capa 5.2K mag compatability

    It is the same. You need 5.1 magazine as well.
  3. Batmause

    WE Colt Junior

    Simple thread adapter from 11- to 14- I think.
  4. Batmause

    SHS / PPS …Kaput?

    Check your PMs!

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