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    Pistols: Tokyo Marui Detonics Combat Master, LS M9 Sport Carbine, Custom Build Hicapa, KSC P226R, TM P226
    Shotguns: Double Eagle M56A, Maruzen CA870, TM M870 Police, PPS XM26
    AEGs: none, yay!
    GBBRs: GHK KAC PDW, KJW 10/22, WellxGBBhungary OTs-14 Groza, WE AK74UN, GHKxRAT M4, KSC M11A1

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  1. Batmause


    ICS pistols are really good, there are some in my country. They looks like long-lasting, with upgraded inner barrel and hopup bucking. The painting not really good, disgusting and damage really fast. First time as I saw a ICS BLE it looks like an upgraded WE M&P, their parts seems to be really close at first time - ICS have better quality but I think it is a copy of WE's M&P9.
  2. Batmause

    eHobby Asia not so dead...

    It was so nice good deal on their shop during the sales. I ordered 10times more during these months as all time. Anyways, I think they will close shortly.
  3. Batmause

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    It is worth to use some rivet nuts and rivet screws. Like this solution.
  4. Batmause

    Did Wii Tech shut down?

    I talked to them, they are fully online again. The shop is working also.
  5. Batmause

    Did Wii Tech shut down?

    Their webpage and FaceBook page are working.
  6. Batmause

    WE AK-74UN MAGPUL Custom Build

    Dude, this is a nice documentation of your project! Well done! I like the professionalism how do you handle this article and this build, I hope that WE will see this as possible next AK project from them - maybe 10 years later they will release something similar like this, after the AK74. Did you calculated how many hours did you spend to make this beauty?
  7. Batmause

    WE/Armorer Works Drum Mag

    Rebranded HFC mag? I think it is seriously possible.
  8. Batmause

    WE Colt Junior

    Maybe the barrel is much thick as the previous guns. So it is possible it is something to 11mm adapter to let you use the standard adapters (11->14). Anyways, I don't know, just try to figurite out this situation.
  9. Batmause

    WE Hi-Capa 5.2K mag compatability

    It is the same. You need 5.1 magazine as well.
  10. Batmause

    WE Colt Junior

    Simple thread adapter from 11- to 14- I think.
  11. Batmause

    SHS / PPS …Kaput?

    Check your PMs!
  12. Batmause

    SHS / PPS …Kaput?

    I was in Hong Kong last year and I meet a designer at PPS/SHS office. He told me that they has a new owner and they don't know what is the new owner's plan with the company. Basically they felt that the new owner is promising in PPS/SHS as can be better and bigger company but from that time I can not reach this guy sadly. I think SHS won't stop but PPS maybe will. Sadly PPS shotguns not the best, we have a not trouble with them, from games to next games. For example PPS shotguns are under heavy discount on HK, for example at tiger111hk (last year there was XM26 for 40$) or at octagon airsoft has M870 with 50% off.
  13. Batmause

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    Uh, the WE mag is much longer. Maybe a 45rds version will be fit (or not). Thank you!
  14. Batmause

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    I can cut or print more parts to make the magazines fully working. I think the feeding lips and the empty-switch mechanism not covered by the magazine shell. How about the fitting? There is enought space for the gas tank inside the magazine shell? I think that I will order one 7.62, 5.45 magazines for testing.
  15. Batmause

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    Nonex, did you tested your MagPul shell conversion, is it fully working? I want to order some RS magazines, like bulgarian AK74 magazines and Izmash magazines. In my company we have a CNC-machine which is able to make a cnc-program for this conversion for customer request - for example for myself first time.

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