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  1. Batmause


    ICS pistols are really good, there are some in my country. They looks like long-lasting, with upgraded inner barrel and hopup bucking. The painting not really good, disgusting and damage really fast. First time as I saw a ICS BLE it looks like an upgraded WE M&P, their parts seems to be really close at first time - ICS have better quality but I think it is a copy of WE's M&P9.
  2. It is worth to use some rivet nuts and rivet screws. Like this solution.
  3. Uh, the WE mag is much longer. Maybe a 45rds version will be fit (or not). Thank you!
  4. I can cut or print more parts to make the magazines fully working. I think the feeding lips and the empty-switch mechanism not covered by the magazine shell. How about the fitting? There is enought space for the gas tank inside the magazine shell? I think that I will order one 7.62, 5.45 magazines for testing.
  5. Nonex, did you tested your MagPul shell conversion, is it fully working? I want to order some RS magazines, like bulgarian AK74 magazines and Izmash magazines. In my company we have a CNC-machine which is able to make a cnc-program for this conversion for customer request - for example for myself first time.
  6. I had some free time to make a "how-to" and do the math for this mods. If you are interested, you can find my description here: CLICK I will order few WELL G74 mags to make sure it is working in the chinese mags also but as I remember they are clearly the same - except the WELL's production quality.
  7. Hey guys, I solved another issue, like this. What do you think, you have also this issue - magazine empty-switch stucked in position, even the magazine is loaded? "Today I got my own spring which I designed to solve the empty-click issue with my WE (WELL) AK GBB. I often got that the gun click like the magazine is empty but it not empty. This issues caused by stucked empty fire switch which will be totally solved as I hope after the first successfull test. So. you need to take out the ball bearing under the empty-switch, drill two holes (one into empty-switch and one into the dryfire
  8. Does anybody test the following with the MK2 CAM870? - Chrono test? Sadly we have field limit during CQB gunfight, that is means 1J or 1.5J muzzle energy. - Did somebody test the MK2 with green gas? How it is working or perform with simple green gas?
  9. I saw a time the internal firing switch worned, that is why it wasn't in the right position. Also check the auto and the normal sear.
  10. Nope, from Taiwangun. Yes, it seems to be a WE - check the painting quality, WELL do better as WE do. I heard that Hepa's trigger set net the best, a Wii or a WELL is better solution. There as a local guy who has a WELL G74A with broken rear trunnion. We collected few real AMD-65 parts and rebuilt this beauty:
  11. Haha, there is AK74MN much earlier by WELL as WE. http://asiaairsoft.com/index_eproduct_view.php?products_id=9945
  12. Mags are third cheaper and the gun twice cheaper but WE is worth of extra cash if you have. The externals parts are much better as on WELL.
  13. The actual mags on TWG are modified from the previous batch. I found that - they didn't leak ouf of box. - the feeding lips are much better as before - they hold the BBs inside now and easier to load them. - there was a issue with the cartridge percer part, next to this part the gas often leak because it cracks, now they are a little bit better. - they cooldown a bit faster. I haven't time to check about how they changed in size. Maybe there was few small changes also because the gun's bolt carrier group changed also. The nozzle, bolt carrier has few little changes, also the recoil
  14. Yes, I really like this. But at this moment I think that we won't do it anymore, it is really suck to build again - easier if we cut a complete receiver for this. At this moment I found a european collector who want to buy this - that means we can make more OTs-14s in the new batch. Nope, the bolt carrier has a gas piston but it much smaller as before. Imagine a simple gas piston with only wider part of it - cutted where it start to be skinny or what I told this.
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