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Hey there,


I made my first video about a range-accuracy test with a PPS XM26 shell ejecting shotgun. I bought this shotgun a half-year ago but it was one of first time when I used it.



My experiences was that this shotgun isn't like the cold weather, that is why I didn't use it for a while. I recorded this test on 5-10-15-20 meters distance with 4 different BBs, like 0.12g - 0.20g - 0.25g - 0.30g BBs. The results was that you can hit the target on 5-10 meters all the time if you aimed to the target. On 15 meters I recommend heavier BBs, like 0.23-0.28g BBs because the wind can change the trajectory but in CQB I recommend 0.23g or 0.25g BBs. It is hard to hit the target over 20 meters which is acceptable for a shotgun. If the weather is good (temperature) you can hit the target by aiming above the target. The grouping is really closed thanks for the hidden inner barrel and for the fixed hopup system, there isn't any grouping under 8-11 meters.


Basically the XM26 shotgun is a really nice gun. The receiver and the bolt carrier is made from aluminium, the outer parts looks really nice. The stock is a copy of B5 crane stock with really nice surface/finish. I liked the gun except the compensator which was made from plastic, I will replace it with a steel version in the future - it will cost a lot to reproducing but I don't care. Sadly it is hard to use because it doesn't have any shell catcher - unlike the M870 has few solution.


The M870 isn't as well built shotgun as an APS CAM870. Lighter and it looks like a toygun - compared to APS. The receiver and all the external parts made from metal, more like aluminium. There is few parts which made from steel - ejecting plates, forend cradle bars, shell carrier, shell ejector, shell catcher, sear. The painting on the receiver isn't homogen but the other parts are really good.


At this moment I'm a bit busy but I like if you share your experiences with your PPS shotgun. I will record a video review in the future but at this moment I can not do it. :(

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I recorded my range - accuracy test with my PPS M870. I tested in on 5-10-15-20-25 meters range with 0.12-0.20-0.25-0.30 BBs. The results was really good despite the windy weather. :)

You can reach this video with english subtitle coming soon, I need 2-3 days to finish the translation.


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I had few issues during I used it, but it worked really well. Sadly the APS is more expensive - the gun also more expensive, expensive to use and the shells are crazy expensive.


- On the second gameplay the bolt carrier's shell hook (steel, leaf-spring) damaged. I asked replacement parts from PPS and I could use it again - 2$ + shipping cost.

- When I do practise at home one of CO2 shells self-working. That is why it shoot 3 BBs into the hopup chamber, so I need to replace it also - also 10$ + shipping cost. Now I replaced the rear parts in all of CO2 shells to RWG plastic one and this issues totally solved I think.

- The aluminium bolt carrier is really good thing but it's working with the plastic shells only. The CO2 shells has a little fitting issues which can be solved with a little drilling with dremmel tool I think.

- The accuracy is good, I love it. It can hit the target under 15 meters which in CQB situation is good. The grouping is really closed, thanks for the fixed hopup with inner barrel. It needs few testing to see which BB is the best for you - for example I choosed 0.23 and 0.25 in mine.

- I recommend to use it with the plastic 3BB shells. If you fill its gastank you can use it 3-5 times without refilling the gastank. It is really easy to reload them with BBs but I often found assembly issues - the rear, metal parts wasnt glued to the plastic shells or the front cap (which hold the o-ring as BB-holder) isn't glued or there are some burr which cause hardly reload proccess with the BBs.
- The metal shells are crazy strong, with CO2. With GG they are acceptable but if you have fieldlimit, I recommend GG. Last time I measured mine with metal shells (6 x 0.25g BBs, CO2, X3200 chronograph) and we measured 510 FPS as lowest muzzle velocity in good weather (morning, 25-28 C)

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