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  1. Looks like I might be buying another custom from you guys then.
  2. If the power of the PPS system is lacking, you can always convert it to APS.
  3. That's actually one of the projects I'm planning to work on next. How difficult is the mod?
  4. It's an unknown comp M2 replica that I bought second hand. No mods as far as I remember.
  5. Anybody knows what kind of pins I'll need for the body? A friend donated a few parts that I can make into a full gun, namely barrel, receiver, magazine, bolt, spring and sights. Have sourced the following already, just waiting for monies to buy: FCG Shell lifter Forend cradle Magazine cradle Receiver magazine tube Bolt plate Stock and grip Have I missed anything?
  6. calbur20


    Technically this goes in here. Tanaka S&W M19 Combat Magnum
  7. Another gun resurrected from the dead by RenegadeCow.
  8. Had a beater Army 1911 that I wanted to refinish, got Alumahyde and tested it on the slide. Not bad methinks. Will start on the rest of the body later this week. Before After A few more pictures of the sides:
  9. Well *suitcase*. And to think the only reason why I bought the package was the light, since I generally don't like Glocks. They feel boring and safe, which is probably the reason why my next RS gun will be a Glock. Oh well, I still came out ahead in the deal at least.
  10. Not really a fan of Glocks, but I know a good deal when I see one. $270 roughly for this pistol that's had work done by RenegadeCow (stippling) plus 4 short and 2 long mags, Kydex holster and real deal Surefire X300 light. Thins get expensive in my country thus the reason why I jumped on the deal.
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