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The planned project is what I am calling a WA-700. It will be a bolt action bullpup rifle loosely based on the WA2000. I say loosely because it will not be to scale or exact design but it will take aspects of its design. I am not building this for total realism or practicality. The most recognizable will be:

  • 1" square tube frame - I've got 36 inches of 1" x 1" with 0.125" wall square tube on sale for $4 so that was nice. 
  • Rectangular flat bar top rail. 36 inches of 1" x 0.50" cost me about $11. I know most WA2000 replicas use a rectangular tube at I think 3/8" but I rather the solid stock. 
  • The front brackets. Any big box store sells aluminum flat bar so I grabbed some of that at 3/4" width. 
  • The front hand guard will be the most to design part of the wood furniture. This and all the furniture are probably going to be laminate for now unless I can source something better. 
  • The cheek rest and the rear stock are all going to come together as I go. I have some design plans but I really am a as you go sort of guy lol. 


This project has been on my mind for years and attempted twice but scraped as I didn't have the time and I didn't like the way it was turning out. 

I felt I always rushed it so I will be taking my time and using more hand tools this go around. I do not have access to a drill press right now so I am

first working up some jigs to make sure all my holes for the brackets and such will be even on all sides and parts. I will be focusing on the frame of the 

rifle before I attempt any wood furniture. 


I am basing the design as I said off of the WA2000 and also off of these images I have come across:



The rifle is a Tanaka M40 I got years ago. I had hired Dobey to build me a Desert Tactical Arms SRS and he did. But it was rushed and shoddy workman ship and now you don't see him around anymore. So cheers to him! I will need to do some sourcing of internals as its been sitting for a long time and the barrel is missing. I would like to change all the rubber in the bolt as well. I also only have a short mag so Ill be sourcing a long mag. If anyone knows where to get one without selling a kidney Ill be grateful for a link BUT the rifle will accommodate short or long mags. 


I will gather some pictures of the materials once I get a day off. I figured I'd post now to motivate myself. But like I said I will be taking my time on this so don't expect daily updates. Work and the wife come first! :P

I don't really play airsoft so I am not building this within any FPS regulations or anything like that. This is more me to mess around with and plink in the yard. 

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I got the miter saw out and got to work on some of the frame today. I can pretty much drill the supports and square everything up at this point. Next step is to seat the action in the lower frame. I won't cut out the magwell or trigger group just yet. 


Sorry for the crappy pics its kind of overcast out today. 

Should be known I am not a machinist or metal fabricator. I am in construction with a history of carpentry. I just enjoy building things and teaching myself different things so this is a fun project for me. 
Some of the rods and pipe look bent but thats the camera, except the brass. Got a little kink in it. 
The copper tube will be the barrel. (not yet cut to length)
The brass rod will be part of the trigger bar.
The aluminum rod is yet to be determined but I'm going to try to make some take down pins out of it . 
I am not entirely sure what I am doing for the butt plate yet but I have a couple ideas. I would like to make it a bit adjustable. 
Total height of the frame is 3.078" and the overall length is 32"
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Ive seen very similar photos online and have referenced them a bit. Its been super crappy weather here with a tropical storm so I haven't done much. I am thinking of redoing my front support. I am debating on brazzing them to the lower or possible rivets. Waiting for my new dremel to come in since my old one died. At least then I can drop it in the little drill press station and get some more accurate holes. 


Looking at the frame though I believe I am going to cut it down about 3 more inches. I gather the butt pad area will be about another 2 inches and I kind of had this rifle in mind of a sentry dispatch rifle or something like that. Didn't want a full length rifle.

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Got the second print out  and the tolerance is ALMOST spot on. I can easily clean up the corners with a chisel and it would be perfect. 

This piece is done with 10% infill and is actually pretty strong. Final versions will be done with 100% or near 100% infill.

Layer height is at 0.2. The final will be at 0.1.

The barrel isn't tight in the support piece but I don't think Ill add any set screws or change the tolerance here. 








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3 minutes ago, 3vi1-D4n said:

Best probably to freefloat if the outer barrel is rigid enough.


I would mill that part, whatever works.

Don't really think its necessary and like my post said Ive got the 3D printer so Im gonna try this. Its plenty rigid and this wont be a field rifle. 

Later down the line I will most likely replace these parts with aluminum once Im set up in my shop. I much rather spend the little money getting the design right

before purchasing aluminum stock. 


1 minute ago, Katotaka said:

Nice to see 3DP involved in more and more builds, the technology really helps bringing imagination into life


Just my 2 cents... You might want to print the parts at least 3 perimeters and 20% infill with a 3D pattern

Any parts in this post that are red will merely be mock up parts. I will print the final at better quality and much heavier infill in black PLA. 

Im really enjoying this 3D printing. Quite satisfying to design a part on the computer and then be able to touch it in a short time. 

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