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  1. Katotaka

    CZ Picture Thread

    Just after I posted the reply above I got a chance to handle one of those Shadow 2's First thing I did was remove mag and squeeze the trigger, much much better than I anticipated. just my 2 cents, finish of frame feels same as the OG shadow so expect it worn easily if you're taking it to the field
  2. Katotaka

    CZ Picture Thread

    it was so stiff that I thought it was SAO lol
  3. Katotaka

    CZ Picture Thread

    does it have the same virtually impossible DA as the OG shadow?
  4. I do have APSC shooter qualification but didn't really participate too often, stopped playing before the switch to IPSC/AA member system, now my main activity is 3GN at the hard floor club.
  5. my first game ever was in the last century (2000), bought my first gun in 2002-ish but not really into the game until 2005-ish tried some competitive (un)practical shooting around 2010 and got addicted ever since, gradually decreasing activity on force-on-force games and more against paper but still play few times a year #feelsold
  6. I'm not sure I feel offended or intrigued
  7. Dat Evo needs a zhukov stock!!
  8. I think the battery is held vertically inside the pad
  9. Katotaka


    You may want to take a look at "AGGRESSOR GROUP", they sell JGSDF camo gears and I'm pretty sure civi can buy, active military member will get some discount. IDK if you can purchase from overseas but I guess proxy buying service would work.
  10. I wish some of these models are made available in TM flavour, when I was younger those are hard to justify, oh, wait, not even now Especially NH T3, but I wouldn't mind newer NH models like Agent 1 lol
  11. that could be the case blank guns mixed with airsoft
  12. most if not all firearms in Den of Thieves SCAR used by the Spartan King has some square-ish contours, probably some early days AEG the robber guy opened up the SAW and a gearbox in there
  13. drill/tap the barrel? the upper half is just big chunk of meat IIRC
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