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  1. Katotaka

    TM Glocks AWOL from WGC Shop

    all that and part of my being lazy, also probably some of said terms make me feel filthy by just typing them lol
  2. Katotaka

    TM Glocks AWOL from WGC Shop

    argh shoot they're carried by U now but yeah, same deal, G trademark and stuff (appearance IP...?) are also registered here, things can go really bad quickly
  3. Katotaka

    TM Glocks AWOL from WGC Shop

    IIRC Pacific HQs of those two start with G and C are both in HK, you don't wanna mess with them too much when you're all in the same region - just a wild guess.
  4. IDK.... 80% jig? even with that I won't be too sure maybe a manual mill equipped with DRO, but that could still be PITA to work with
  5. Katotaka

    PTS licenced MAWL

    that would be epic
  6. Katotaka

    PTS licenced MAWL

    IIRC w/out doing the research, the real deal has visible(green?) laser pointer, IR laser pointer and IR laser illuminator(still a pointer but really big spot). I wonder what will be on PTS version?
  7. Katotaka

    CZ Picture Thread

    Just after I posted the reply above I got a chance to handle one of those Shadow 2's First thing I did was remove mag and squeeze the trigger, much much better than I anticipated. just my 2 cents, finish of frame feels same as the OG shadow so expect it worn easily if you're taking it to the field
  8. Katotaka

    CZ Picture Thread

    it was so stiff that I thought it was SAO lol
  9. Katotaka

    CZ Picture Thread

    does it have the same virtually impossible DA as the OG shadow?
  10. give those hooks side walls so that they cover up the hinge pins, I would assume in current state the thing would break even SLS printed in steel.
  11. IDK but never explicitly stating that you're selling them at X price, those major online airsoft stores' FB page avoid the same for some reason, and they seem doing fine. (except they're defined as commercial entities and required to pay quite a bit to reach people)
  12. Katotaka

    Getting Back into Airsoft.

    I'm sure someone would dust out his stock TM AEG from the last century and it will work fine, so I suggest OP do the same and #sendit before spending dollars.
  13. Katotaka

    Quality Chargers?

    ahem...... AFAIK "B6" itself is a clone of Bantam e-Station chargers, I still have one of the older models that don't even have balance function. It is done by an external unit, which I used a clone one....... if that means anything to anyone okay, it's 2019 now, we have better and safer chargers to choose from than we were in 2006
  14. Katotaka

    9mm AR GBBR’s?

    AFAIK Iron has one under development that seem to use TM mags
  15. Katotaka

    eHobby Asia not so dead...

    Not the rent alone but the whole environment in HK, generally speaking everyone's struggling just to stay alive Back on eH, I think I can say I saw it coming They moved out of the mall due to ridiculous increase of rent, now there is a ghost mall LOL!!! New shop was inside a industrial building - where technically you do retail there, but arrange pick-ups are fine (wink wink), yet they still did full retail service in there. Somehow got reported to the officials and they opened a tiny retail store nearby, in a hurry, which is physically impossible to shop in, and, if you purchase something you need to wait the staff bring the goods from the original shop (now warehouse) across the street. On top of that, the shop closes relatively early around 1900~1930 considering the new location not as convenient as the mall before. Meanwhile they acquired 5.11 franchise and opened a megastore in TST-East, where no one wants to shop there, nor 5.11 being very popular recently, people either buy better or cheaper stuff, some even rip-offs. ......... And, yeah, the search function on their website is so bad that they deserve to go down for just that alone

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